koffi Akpavi

My name is Koffi Akpavi from Ghana. I am a very enthusiastic teacher, writer, and Copywriter. Graduated from University of Benin in 1999, I worked in accounting and finance from 2000 to 2011 before moving into teaching 9 years ago. I am very passionate about digital business especially sharing valuable productivity tips and tricks to strategically position yourself, your business, and your brand to opportunities on the digital market. I love writing to impact, edify, inspire, motivate and trigger change in people life in Africa and the world as a whole. My mission is to give resourceful value, and the rarest knowledge and facts to my friends, families and partners in the next five years and help around 5000 people to take their life from a lower level to a higher pedestal. My vision is To contribute to everyone's success, by being resourceful to anyone that comes my way. That is why I created a group called BUILD YOUR SKILL ECONOMY (BYSE ) to serve that purpose where ongoing discussion, initiative, training, skill development, youth empowerment updates are served regarding how to be successful online as well as how to sharpen your mindset to become a better person.