The Reasons Why He Nearly Lost His Business

This saddened and left me speechless when I heard of it. It even made me angry and infuriated. He owns a  printing and graphic design business and his works are astonishing and awesome. His hands and mind can turn graphics into something you will admire over and over again. In the past, he was the gold of the area. Everyone wants to order things from his business. Since they were always fully satisfied, they kept on coming. But now, things have completely changed. Why?

 The heck is he is reluctant to take his business online. Consequently, the decline in customers and the low patronage of his business have been his friends. Wherever he goes they follow him. He has forgotten that the whole world is going digital and so our business and all the other aspects. Unfortunately, he is not alone in this situation. Lots of people around the world are in the same boat and don’t still understand the relevance and the benefits of taking their business online. Digital Change is hard for some people, but it is indispensable and unavoidable especially in this 21st century. 

Remember that the stone age ended not because there were no more stones. The stones were widely used to make tools with an edge, a point, or a percussion surface. That period lasted for 3.4 million years according to the historians and ended between 8, 700 BCE and 2000 BCE, with the advent of metalworking. As I said said, it is not because the stones are no more, they were, there was a need for change. So it happened. Everyone had to follow the trend. 

Our  forbearers did things in certain ways doesn’t mean you should continue on that path. Example, that your parents lived in mud houses does not mean you should continue to live in mud houses, in this era of sophisticated construction materials. If your parents were doing backyard farming, it doesn’t mean that you should continue in the same way. No you can go on a revolutionized and modernized big scale farming using the same latest digit technology in existence. 

See the ages man has evolved through Man has evolved through the Stone age, bronze & iron age, the steel age (industrialization). We’re in the oil age interwoven with the information technology doubled with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are on the digital table. 

Embrace them. Ditch out the old system in you. 
Today internet has opened lots of opportunities for everyone. Everyone can get to the highest level on the ladder irrespective of their gender, racial background, social status, and place of residence. 
Such people get left behind and suffer poverty. They suffer for nothing while there are simple ways to make work easy and money easily on the internet. 

BUSINESSES have gone digital. Yes, money is taken in the air, stores are established in the air, people stay in a remote village and own shops in counties they have never and might never be visited. Journalists can work for companies in different countries while staying in their rooms. 
Nowadays, elections are conducted in the air, conferences and huge meetings are organized in the air. Everything is in the air. 
I remembered in the middle of the Covid-19, I attended an online training in which 860 participated. The Trainer was sitting on his bed and collected our money. That’s the beauty of going digital with your skills, talents, and passion. Reading and writing have gone online. Selling and Buying have gone online. Groups have gone online. Newspapers have gone online. The is part of the trend. You can patronize it and read articles from various writers from different backgrounds enriched with all the tastes you will prefer.
People close huge deals and make cool cash in the air. 

Life has become really simple and easy if well used and planned strategically. The faster you catch up the better.

Not going online is a  lame excuse one can give at this time. Stop the excuses. Learn a new skill. Go digital and ripe the benefits. It might not happen overnight, but it will definitely come your way if your put your mind to it and assiduously working towards it. Make it your goal and dream. 

The man that I talked about at the beginning has learned his lesson and embraced the digital age after going through coaching and online training, he is now making 10 times what he was making before.

You can! If only you want to. Where there is a will there is a way. 

Be ready to move with the times you are in or you suffer the consequences.

By Tamoskoff


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