Have you been showing up for yourself lately, or wondering why others are not showing up for you? Can you too can relate to the struggle of the striving, pushing, forcing, hustling world we are living in nowadays. Off the back of a conversation yesterday that the world isn’t going to slow down any time soon for us, we need to then figure out just how we are going to choose to show up in the world.

I’ve also been contemplating how this week I really backed myself with a decision I made and the moment I did this all the uncertainty, confusion and anxiety around the situation disappeared. You see I think the universe likes to test us, but what it loves to see most is that we take the test with all our might and pass it – no matter how many times we have to do a re-write 😉

We do not have to show up with bells and whistles, glitter and lip gloss to be successful, intelligent, compassionate people. We should not have to go looking, begging or bragging for attention and recognition. We shouldn’t need to outdo and compete with each other in the game of life. Perhaps in some areas, like sports, yes, a little competition as they say never hurt anybody. But in the game of life, I think there is enough we need to process, deal with and experience, that trying then to bring in your fellow human beings as competitors is a bit futile, short-sighted and unnecessary.

Showing up for yourself will make all the difference in the world
(ARTIST credit – Nitu Chajjer) Showing up for yourself will make all the difference in the world

All we really need to do – as I’m sure I have stated before because I feel so strongly about it – is show up as ourselves. That’s it. And then be ok that some people will not show up with you and for you. Seems like an empty, scary place. I assure you and almost completely guarantee (because you may be the exception) that if you do the work of accepting yourself – warts, wrinkles and a few character flaws and all, you will find that you are the only person that needs to truly be there for you!

It takes a while to come to this place of self-acceptance, it takes examination of ALL of you, the good, the bad, the ugly, the bitchy, the whiney, the moody, the holy and I am sure you could think of a host of others to add to your resume. You see if we try and cover up a part of ourselves and only show the world our game face then we will only attract players in the game.  

If, however we show up as our whole, complex, messy human selves then we know that we can probably expect some very real authentic humans to show up too. And we can then choose if we want to walk the journey with them.

There is such power in being seen as you are and still accepted. This is the true law of attraction at work, when people show up for us no matter what because they feel on a certain level that what we are offering is at last authentic, open and receptive. We all know what it is like to feel awkward and uncomfortable in our own skins and it is almost necessary to go through this so we can grow into who we are meant to be. But take care not to remain in your comfort zone for too long, or expect others to wait for us while we get used to the idea of growth.

We also know what it is like to be around people with no agendas and no masks, who truly are just good to be around and leave everywhere they go a little better for it. These are the people who are showing up in the world as themselves, whether they are having a good or bad day. You see those are always inevitable being the nature of world. They are just being true to their own nature’s, and that is what makes all the difference in their days. A good dose of self acceptance and an examined life will carry you far.

If you don’t know anyone like this then I wish you the inspiring experience, and instead of waiting to discover someone like this why not start becoming that person yourself. You will be amazed at just what and who you find on your path when you do!

Showing up for yourself will attract your tribe.

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