Out Of The Cage – Reminding Yourself Of Your Power

I wrote this text some time ago when I felt caged by society’s expectations and the expectations of people around me, like a bird not being able to fly.
Now I’m breaking free from all of this, step by step, reminding me of my wings again and the power I hold.
I hope you’ll be reminded of yours too.

Why can’t we be ourselves?
I’m so sick of all of this! Constantly trying, constantly giving all of me to make the best out of this system, this society, morals, believes. Constantly trying to play as well as possible to be able to make a living in this society.
I try to be as much myself as possible, trying to be free in our broken system, but the truth is I can’t fully. I can’t fully be who I want to be and playing by society’s rules at the same time. And the truth is I feel broken inside. I cry and scream but no sound leaves my lips.
Don’t they see it? Or don’t they want to? “Don’t you see ?”, I say, “That I feel like a bird in a cage, not being able to fly ?” I have stars in my eyes and the sun breaks through my smile. The ocean’s wild streams run through my veins and my heart is beating to the wild running steps of my feet. My hair falls free and the wind loves to play with it, along with the waves of the sea and the birds in the trees.
I’m as sensitive as the flowers but I’m blooming as bright, in peace with the trees as steady and bright. I dance when I want to, to the rhythm of the earth and the beating of my heart. I have a thousand galaxies exploding and sparkling inside of me every second.
Don’t you know I’m magic? Don’t you know I’m wild? Don’t you know I never dance to anyone’s rules? I even carry the name of the moon. Wild. Free. Keeping her own rhythm. Listening to no one but herself.
So how do you think I feel, kept in this cage? Not being able to fly, explore, feel, caged, and pushed to play by the rules.
Why do you do that? Why do you want me different? Why can’t I be me? Be who I truly want to be. Do what I love with all my heart. Without you constantly judging me? Telling me what to do, how to be. Is that our society?
Don’t you know I am a free spirit? I need to run free and breathe the fresh air of the world every day.
Don’t you hear me? Singing and begging to set me free? Push me, break the cage I’m in.

But maybe, maybe I think, it is what I’m meant to do?
Showing you, make you remember. We don’t need this cage, we don’t need these rules.
We need to be who we are, so necessarily we need to be our honest and most genuine selves.

Don’t you remember, as kids, how free we were? Ready to take on the world? Living every day by our dreams, imagination, and happiness. Without worrying about what to do and who to be, just being free and who we wanted to be. Do you remember?

The door to my cage opens and someone looks through. I take your hand and as I look in your eyes I see a light sneaking through.
Don’t you remember that you are a free spirit too?


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