War and Peace – The Power That Lies In Submission.

War and Peace – The Power that lies in Submission

It is queer in this world that we wish to know and understand everything that is within and even beyond us. We want to reach the depth of science, but we also want to know faith, we want to be eternal beings but also want to challenge our mortality. We are men and we are women. We are fathers and we are mothers, we are both certain but we both fear uncertainty.

Fear I think, in general, is what divides us apart. We are capable of carrying multitudes inside of each and every one of us, but somewhere we fear these multitudes. We are afraid of knowing who we will become once we are everyone. It is this fear that ultimately makes us numb to certainty. So much so that we are enclosed in this shell that neither allows us to break it nor does it allow us to question it.

When we come in this world we are not seen as humans but are seen as girls and boys. It is not when we grow that we this difference but it from the starting, it in the womb that the parents understand and acknowledge this difference. Well, that is if they acknowledge the gender that are going to bring to life. It is not just one woman who feels suffocated, but we are all. We are stuck in this shell of certianty. We know what to do, we know what to wear, we know who to pray to, and we know that we are a slave to our opposite gender. We are either black or we are white, we are either fortunate or unfortunate. We are only one gender but still, we are apart. Not because we wish to but are driven apart by this constant that stands between all of us: Uncertainty.

We still don’t know each other, we still haven’t seen our similarities, because if we had it would have been a well-united world. We’ve seen war, we have also seen peace, but the difference between these two is our own eyes. Some seeing peace as a threat and some war. We are afraid to be weak or to be seen as weak, we are more afraid of submission and hence we think that being powerful is the only key. We presume that submit is to show weakness, but it is quite the opposite, submission leads to neither fatalism nor capitulation. True power resides in submission, those of us who submit to the essence of life shall forever live in tranquillity and peace even if the whole world goes through turbulence after turbulence. As said by Shams of Tabrizi.

Then, why are still fighting? Not the wars with guns and bombs but the wars we fight with ourselves. Why do we still fear to be powerless? Isn’t power only where love is the foundation. We are not loving; we are not lovers meeting at the end of a long journey, but we are soldiers still fighting the same war. It will only be when we stop fighting that we would truly understand that the force that binds us all is love. And when we love, there would be no gender, no color, no religion, but the only thing that will remain would be the Devine.

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