COVID-19 & The Great Loss of Human Essentials.

COVID-19: Is it more of a reminder?

This generation might have lived through a pandemic for the first time but it is not new that humans have always failed to learn from history. Regardless of the consequences, in the pursuit of the never-never land, human beings have unceasingly suppressed who they are at the core. To connect with the unknown, they lost touch with the known. The desire to explore beyond the galaxies overcame the need to explore their own beings. Human consciousness might have a hard time digesting the rapidly changing world yet the waves of new technology drifted humans away from essentiality.

Loved ones were a touch away, but not quite literally. The Internet had humankind updated with a minute to minute report of what is taking place around the globe. Social Media was the most convenient means of staying in touch with family and friends. Yet, this was not enough. A piece of the puzzle was missing which made individuals whole. The exhausting work life, the workload at the weekends, the endless labour, and the daily grind had transmuted humans boundlessly into a profit-making machine. All of it was normal and it took only a pandemic to awaken the human mind and re-connect them with their nature.

Adorable picture shows 74-year-old Vivian Mallon and his grandson Davin touching hands through a window during coronavirus isolation.

It was not until news began to pour in how people around the world could not visit their loved ones, how holding hands on their death bed was forbidden, and how a mere comforting hug could lead to death. Twitter was spammed with the disregard for this new normal, people shared photos of kids sitting apart during lunch break in schools and discussions followed of its psychological impact on the human mind; that people start to comprehend that the new normal has always been the norm and that it is not okay.

When was the last time, any of us, took out time to connect heart-to-heart with the person sitting in front of us?

When was the last time, any of us, held hands with a loved one and did not think it was cliché?

When was the last time, any of us, rushed up to hug a loved one in a crowd while leaving our phones in the pocket?

When was the last time, any of us, offered our shoulder and allowed someone to bawl out their emotions?

When was the last time, any of us, looked up from the screens and actually made an eye to eye contact during a conversation?

When was the last time, any of us, listened to someone while they poured their heart out and we did not invalidate their experience?

When was the last time, any of us, did not give our hearts a shut-up call when it tried to remind us of our emotional needs?

When was the last time, any of us, was kind, compassionate, and affectionate and owned it wholeheartedly?

When was the last time, any of us, allowed ourselves and others a little bit of warmth in this tech-driven world that has no cognizance for human emotion?

COVID-19 & The loss of human essentials.

COVID-19 compelled humans to acknowledge the significance of human touch and communication. The horrors of this pandemic might have landed everyone into a continuous whirl of an ordeal but it did make them aware of what spells a human touch can cast on minds and that the love a human heart holds for its own kind is far greater than the misery inflicted upon them by such calamities. Natural disasters are a reminder to re-connect with nature. The end might be near but it is just the beginning of it. It is never too late. Holding onto love and surrendering to nature is the only hope the human soul has for now.

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