Violetta Ehnsperg: “The best soil for honest expression is freedom”

I came across Violetta’s artworks on Instagram and was immediately taken by them. The strong and powerful colours immerse you in them and although the canvas is not physically moving you can feel the movement which is ingrained in the works, how alive they are. It’s like they are taking you by their hand and dance with you, a dance of different emotions, going straight to the heart.

For the following I asked Violetta if she wants to do an interview with me: 

Luna Maluna Gri: Tell me a bit about yourself and your work. 

Violetta Ehnsperg: I’ve already lived a couple of very different lives and I continue to be amazed about how much fits into one human life. For the past decade I was a loving mom and I painted for my inner peace. I gave it both 100% so it was a beautiful 200% decade. 

LMG: How and why did you start creating art? 

VE: A friend painted and I got hooked. That’s the simple answer. Also when I get hooked on something I don’t let it go before I’ve put in my ten thousand hours to honour the craft. A decade later I still find painting to be a perfect method for me to connect to myself as well as express that self to others. 

LMG: What role does creating art play for you?

VE: Creating art actually feels like role play – honest, blue collar role play. I listen to my guts and put color to canvas accordingly. I don’t judge, I don’t explain, I don’t defend. I act out.

LMG: What does your creating process look like? 

VE: Start off with White, add some pink, light blue, some more pink, some black on the left. Some more pink. Like that. 

LMG: What inspires you? 

VE: Every single thing I see, touch or feel has the potential to inspire me – mostly though: my friends, my son, the sea, love. 

LMG: What is your experience with the art world? 

VE: My experience with the art World is the same as my experience with the rest of the world – deeply positive. For a playful character like myself the whole process from making art to selling it is a great ride – challenging of course – quite a trip. The two faces of the coin are: me producing art and me connecting to the world for others to experience my art. i made both roles my home. 

LMG: Is there something you want to change about the art world? If yes, what and why? 

VE: The two things I can change hands on is how I act and how I perceive the actions of others. I hence take myself seriously and I enjoy when others around me do the same. 

LMG: What do you think is/are the role/-s of artists and art in our society?

VE: The role of the artist is no different than the role of everyone else. Find their way., their peace, find what connects them to the eternal. for themselves. Then, if that’s what feels right: share it. 

LMG: What artist/artists would you like to meet (dead or alive) and if you had one question what would you ask them? 

VE: Prince – “more wine?” 

LMG: Is there something you want to achieve in your art life? Dreams? Future plans? Or projects you would like to do?

VE: I want to continue to hold space and fill it. I want to continue to be open to collaborations. I want the fun to continue. 

LMG: Do you think there is something you can bring to this world through your work as an artist which you couldn’t in any other field of work?

VE: I believe that the best soil for honest expression is Freedom- I have tried a number of fields of work and I can clearly say that art is the most free. 

Copyright Portraits: © Nil Ehnsperg

All other photographs and artworks: © Violetta Ehnsperg



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