The Greatest Revolutionary Story About Fighting for Freedom

This time of year, always finds me tapping into the archetypal energies of The Exodus & Passover, which is the oldest and most transformative story of hope ever told. It tells how an otherwise undistinguished group of slaves found their way to freedom from the greatest and longest-lived empire of their time, indeed of any time. It tells the revolutionary story of how Supreme Power intervened in history to liberate the hopeless & powerless.

It also seems like a one-time event. Exodus simply defined is a mass departure of people. Could this be what we are experiencing now as a modern generation with modern plagues – a mass departure of souls from the planet with little conscious choice in the matter?

Looking at the facts from the disappearance of ancient civilizations to millions of refugees desperately fleeing their countries, the revolutionary story and lessons of the Exodus are as relevant today as ever.

There are many themes surrounding the circumstances and event leading up to the Exodus we can pick out – hope, courage, faith, liberation, there is also entrapment, suffering, sorrow and death.

We know the story takes place in ancient Egypt, we have a so-called hero (Moses), the underdog archetype and a ruthless leader archetype (Pharaoh) at play, with thousands of enslaved victim archetypes (Israelites) supporting the scene. If we look around at the world today, not much has changed. We have governments, parliaments and presidents paying lip-service to the masses with little intention of truly changing the system. As long as the pyramids are getting built, the elite turn a blind eye to the suffering and human atrocities taking place in the everyday life of those less fortunate.

Who actually takes the credit for the building of the greatest civilizations …

It is interesting to note in the story, that Pharaoh’s heart is actually hardened to the plight of the Israelites, and only when his own life is directly affected then he begins to understand that suffering and retribution come to find all who think they are immune. Many today see compassion and empathy towards others as weak, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing grander and more noble than an open generous heart in times like these and forevermore.

The world operates on the mentality of if I give something away then there will not be enough for me. Yet how could you give away too many smiles, too much warmth, too much love. Is it ever enough?

Egypt is a place that chains you to who you are, constraining you from growth, making it impossible to change. And Pharaoh is that voice inside that mocks your attempts to escape, saying ‘how could you attempt being today something you were not yesterday? You aren’t good enough; who do you think you are? You have no power, no voice to make a difference.’

Moses is the liberator, the infinite force deep within, the courageous heart that still fears and feels weak yet moves forward; fighting for what is right. The force of Moses drives the spirit that transcends and connects with that Supreme power when all seems lost. He has crushing moments of self -doubt, despair, hopelessness and a fair dose of self-esteem issues. Could he not represent any one of us on any given day?

Above all, Moses teaches fervent faith in a future that is unknown. Like Moses we have to be prepared to leave it all behind, in order to follow a higher calling and liberate ourselves in the process.

Another interesting concept is that of The Promised Land, a place where dreams are fulfilled, wishes are granted and all hardship is erased. This is not quite the truth though, for we all know that once we have reached that goal, or fulfilled a lifelong dream, there is still a longing for the next best thing that resides within us that doesn’t just go away. We don’t get to sit around all day eating ice cream while life and its duties takes care of itself. Let us not forget that Moses and the Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years in search of the Promised Land. And even then, most did not get to experience the destination.

The Revolutionary Story of The Promised Land

The Promised Land & liberation are not static elements that wait patiently for us. We do not arrive and then never have to do the work again.  Every time you push your own limits, exceed your own expectations- you reach the Promised Land. Every time you live & work for the greater good – you reach the Promised Land. Every time you break free from the person you didn’t want to be in the day before – you reach the Promised Land. The sheer amount of courage and faith this takes is astounding!  

The good news is your freedom lies in knowing you can defy Pharaoh any time, it just takes courage, consciousness and a little bit a throw caution to the wind attitude.

Imagine what could open up for you in your life, like the Red Sea parted for Moses, when you are willing to risk it all on your soul’s calling. This is when miracles start showing up, when we listen to God, our inner voice, the Divine – call it what you will, but it is a voice and prompting that cannot be denied.

Freedom, redemption, community, empowered conscious leadership – all of these embody the story of Exodus in our history books. Perhaps though, if anything, it provides a living symbol of hope. And what could we need more than anything right now.

Risk following your soul’s calling to bring miracles into your life.

May those celebrating this season, whether for religious purposes or simply allowing the profound archetypal forces to do their work on us, and may we find all find the liberation we seek.

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