ISSUE 4 | Change

“Change” will be the title and theme of the 4th issue of The Uncoiled Magazine. 

We hope for this issue to be a collection of our desires to change things. Diving deeper into asking what change we wish to see within ourselves and in the world we live in today. What do we wish we could change? How are we changing? How does change make us feel? Why does it make us feel a certain way? How should we be changing? How important is it to change?

Giving meaning to a word that is used so much both positively and negatively, and hoping to find a meaning for ourselves. We hope for this issue to share ideas of change from all around the world, giving voice to stories of change and revolution both within and in the world outside. A way for us creatives to share, understand, learn and empathize with each other.

We encourage you to think about change and see how that inspires you, how the idea of change makes you feel and what would you change in the world today. Click the link below to submit! in a new tab)

The Uncoiled Magazine

The Uncoiled Magazine is a twice-a-year publication that focuses on different themes in every issue. Hoping to bring to light different aspects of the world while indulging in creativity and art surrounding that.

Issue 1 | The Statement

The Statement takes you through the lives of artists and writers from all around the world and expresses what it means to be free and bold.

Our stance today will define the journey that we will take, and it will define the journey our successors will take but just as with every journey, your journey is your way of looking within and beyond.

With the Statement, we wish to showcase these journeys, not minding whose they are and for whom they become inspiration but just to exist throughout time to read and learn. Life is about the stories that we tell and the story that we create. The Statement is the depiction of this journey for countless people who seek meaning and who provide meaning to the lives of countless others.

The statement is about unleashing the stories within you. It’s about breaking the circles of society and culture. It’s about learning, growing, understanding, teaching, and taking away from good literature and stories that will break society to its true self.

Issue 2 | Experienced

Experienced is about celebrating the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s about getting comfortable in our own skin and being proud of who we have grown to become. This issue is about owning our experiences and whatever our age may be, it’s about not letting the world tell you that you’re inexperienced. Your voice matters, and your stories matter. “Experienced” is about indulging in yourself and bringing out the best version of yourself. 

With Gratitude, The Uncoiled