Change | ISSUE 4


Over the past year, the world has shifted and turned, events that we’d never thought we’d see took palace, and the need and the individual desire to change what was going on started burning like a fire within us.

It’s very easy to forget sometimes that the world is built up because of us, that we are the world. And in this world, it’s our job to dictate what is tolerable and what is not, through our actions and behavior.

This issue contains not just art and literature speaking of change but is a promise that we will through our art never stop fighting for what is right and true.



Change | ISSUE 4

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This issue is a collection of Changes. Of different ideas about what change is, and what change can be. It explores the questions of ‘What does change make us feel?”, “What can change be?”, “In which ways are we changing?”, “What do we wish we could change?”, “Which change do we wish to see in the world? (and in ourselves)” and “How important is change?” Answers to these are given by a diverse and enriching mix of literature and art from artists and writers from around the world.

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