This story will help you understand why you need to follow a mentor, a coach, or an influencer to get noticed. These days as I relax on my sofa reminiscing some of the things that happened when I was going to university, it makes me laugh or think deeply, even make some connections with my online business. This story happened when I was twenty-two. It was like yesterday. That day, I was shocked by the thousands of people who gathered in that big hall happily waiting for the ceremony to start. As we all know, if you are small or young, your head is full of ideas, dreams and careers, and amazing choices.

For me, I was interested in arts, engineering, construction, writing, etc. I wanted to do all these things together trying to connect them with my young mind. Just like Jack of all trades and master of all. Did it work for me as innocently planned? No, it didn’t. I failed so woefully. I hope you start thinking of your own situation. Feel to liberate your imagination. As you are plunging deep into your imagination, I will invite you to put yours with me. Now, just imagine that you were seated in that large conference room like me that day. This room was packed out with almost big names, renowned businessmen and women, and seasoned professionals. The energy and vibe in the hall were vibrant and desirable even enviable. Almost immediately, you noticed a nice, good-looking person climbing up the stage.

As the podium light flooded the floor the young man’s silhouette was now clear enough to be a young man. Unfortunately, there was a problem? You were asking who he was and what at all had he come to do there. The truth is that his name had never clung into your ears, neither mentioned. You started wondering if he was a TV, radio presenter, or on any other media platform. But, the reaction from others in the hall confirmed your assumptions and deductions. They were strongly validated. No one knew this young man. .In fact, the conversation and murmurs that were going on, showed clearly that he was unwanted there. The handsome young man who nobody knew picked up the microphone and started promoting his software. He talked, rambled for almost thirty minutes trying to convince and persuade the audience to patronize his new finding. Of course, people were bored to death. No positive reaction from the public. Finally, he exited the podium and his silhouette faded into the audience..

.Just after, John Obidi one of the most influential young men in Africa walked straight to the podium. As he was climbing up the steps, the boredom in the room immediately gave way to stand ovation and clapping. John Obidi then went ahead to do a short presentation and gladly introduced the same new software that the young man was fighting to push on the audience. He strongly encouraged them to purchase it. Now, I have a question for you. Who do you think will collect more sales after the ceremony? The fine, handsome young man or John Obidi? I think your answer will pair with mine.

John Obidi draws more people to him than the boy. But isn’t the same software? Yes, it is, but the difference lies in the person who presented it. The young man was unknown, not liked maybe, or not trusted. The second one, John Obidi was known, liked, and trusted. Consequently, he will draw massive attention and turn the audience into buyers. That’s why I am saying that if you are a newbie, following well-established, renowned and mentors will draw you closer to your goals.

If you follow them, you will be noticed, eventually liked, and trusted. You will get more clarity into turning your passion, experience, knowledge, talent, into a profitable business that generates cash on demand. Yes, they will pave the way for you.

Join their groups, attend their Masterclass or webinar. Make valuable contributions or comments on their posts. Show them that you are coming up and rightly following their footsteps. You will definitely be noticed one day and they by all means notify it to know in the long run. When they start to shout in out your name in their Webinars, training, mastermind, or Masterclass, you will be noticed ad notified


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