CLARITY – The Powerful Tool That We All Need – PART -2

To understand this part of the article better, Read the first one here:

Read it carefully and try to understand each point. They will serve the basis of today’s article. Don’t glance through. Read, study it and meditate on it and learn lessons from it.

Now that you are done. I hope you got value.

You have now understood the benefits of clarity in your life in general and in your business in particular. My question now is , how can clarity be achieved?

How to gain Clarity?

Before we dive in this,You need you to understand that CLARITY is not “rocket science “. It’s something you need practice to achieve a positive, progressive and sustainable output.

The followings are very important to know and digest.

  1. Gaining Clarity is not an event, rather it’s a process. It’s “practical and achievable”. So you must be willing and ready to go through the process in order to experience a positive outcome.
  2. Clarity is in stages. As you grow in your business, lots of things will get clearer and clearer. You will begin to understand things related to your field that you can incorporate.
  3. For you to achieve clarity, there are questions you need to answer. And your honesty will be very crucial in that regard (Answer each and every questions please). It is very important. Haven established the basis, let’s quickly get to the the core of the matter.

a- What can you do?

List at least five things you know you can do very well;

List things you have interest in or you’re willing to learn.

List what people usually come to you for. Maybe you’ve been

doing it for free and they have been getting desired results. Know that you are on the right track.

b- What are you best at? What can you do to the best of your ability and knowledge ? What are you known to perform better? What are your friends saying about it?

Over here I need your integrity and sincerity.

State your strength and your weakness.

You don’t want to run your life or business as though it’s an forced labor. No. It should be something that brings you happiness and joy. Try to figure it out. Something you love doing since your infancy and it is still with you. You master it without learning it from someone. You can do it without help or assistance. That is it.

I’m sure you want something you would joyfully go back to do every morning, afternoon and evening even in the night. Figure it out. Very important. That is unique to do. That’s your market value and the one think that no one can take from you.

c-Can you convert it to a business, or a skill that you can monetize

Do you think someone will be willing to pay you for any of the things you listed?

d- Who may need the solutions you want to provide with your skill or talent?

Over here, be very specific, precise and concise.

Who would listen to, read, watch your videos, buy your products or services?

. Men? Women? Youths? Teenagers? Children? Professionals? Business owners? Etc.

e-What can they afford?

You don’t create products or services highly expensive for children/teenagers when you know that they are depending on their parents provision.

f- Is there any available market for your solutions? Or you can incite and create one?
You don’t want spend time/energy creating a product or service which no one will be interested in buying or using. That would be the greatest mistake you would have ever made.

f-Which niche does it fall into?

The niche is the area of work or endeavors that people venture into either for their business or their social activities.
It could be education, marketing, health, blogging, etc..

This will enable identify where your ideal customers are and how you can easily reach out to them. Know that they are going to patronize you.

g-Which social media platform suits what you want to offer?
Don’t play with social media any more. See it as a business tool where your peers are making huge income. Is that Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn? YouTube? Snap chat,

h-What will make you stand out in such a noisy and crowded market?
Know that you might not be the same person wanting or thinking about what you would like to do. So many people are doing or want to do the same thing you are planning to establish.
So ask what would be my formula to outdo or overcome even overpower my competitors? MMF(my magic formula)

g-How do others see you?

Does it reflect how you see your brand and your business? This will largely depend on the way you showcase yourself, your business and your brand out there especially on the social platforms. Everything is going digital. Position yourself very well on it.
(This is for you- if your business is already operational.)

h- What is your innermost reason for going into what you want to do? ?

This incorporates every other thing. Is love, gratitude, impacting people life, edifying, nurturing, grooming, etc..

This is what will keep you motivated and not relenting even amidst adversity, challenges or setbacks.

We all have different reasons for building a business. So find out your big “WHY” and stick to it. If you don’t find it, you will give up at the first encounter with problems.

i-How much do you want to make in a year?

Are you surprised? Don’t be surprised. Imagine you are a student, do you want to be the last of the class or do you want to at the top. Same if you are social business or real business, you need numbers because they are the key to your success.
Numbers determine what you want to make at the end.

Well it’s part of it. One of major reasons for being/going into business is MONEY. It might not necessarily mean to become rich, rich but to get something to live a better, happy and fulfilling life. And for that to happen, money can not be excluded. I hope I am making sense.

So you should be able to draft how much you want to make from your business in the 2021 and how to achieve it.

Now that you have understood what clarity means, how to attain and things to do benefit from it, set yourself clarity goals and see how your life would be in the months, years to come.

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