CLARITY – The Powerful Tool That We All Need – PART -1

Last two months I went to town for a Rendez-Vous. The person indicated the way, and it seemed I knew the place. Yes, I did. But it has been one year now, I haven’t been into that area. Things have completely changed which I am not aware of.

The due date, I was very late. So I took a taxi who rushed me to the place. I started looking for the building in vain. I asked three people who confirmed that the building should be here. The worst thing was that my phone was completely dead, so I couldn’t call the man I was supposed to meet.

Consequently, I spent more than forty minutes turning around chasing the place in despair. Out of angriness and shame, I walked to the nearest bus station to come back home.

All this happened to me because of a lack of clarity. I should have allowed the man to sent me a Google map of the place, even asked and noted down the landmarks around it very well. Maybe this shouldn’t have happened.
If this, was due to lack of clarity, what then is clarity?

Clarity is the ability to be precise, coherent, and sure of something. It’s the process of gaining in dept or detailed understanding of something.

As we are starting the year 2021, lots of people are talking about goals, plans, and expectations, I will expound on this critical, crucial topic for our life journey.

The fact is most people are traveling aimlessly through an unmapped and uncharted world. They simply figure things out as they go along. Often, ten, twenty, thirty of work will go past and they will still be unhappy, in their jobs, completely dissatisfied with their marriage, career, choices. They make little or no progress. The truth is that you feel truly happy only when you are making progress, step by step, towards something that is clear and important in your mind.

But still, the same people still will go home every night and watch television, wishing things will get better one day.

From my own experience, I have learned that the greatest need of a human being is a sense of meaning and purpose in everything that you do in life.
As you walk towards clear plans, goals, and expectations, you feel more energized and effective. You feel more comfortable, competent, confident in your abilities.

These are the benefits of having clarity in business or life. Read with rapt attention.

1.Clarity gives confidence. It makes you come out like a boss. It enables you to handle your business without fear.

  1. It will define your vision and mission aright.
  2. It will help you to focus/concentrate on what supports the growth of your business. Thereby enabling you to be more organized in your entrepreneurial journey.
  3. 4. It enhances your motivation for your work. When you understand what are doing (which you love) as a business owner, you will want to do more of it.
  4. It gives direction. Clarity is like a water channel, which guides/direct the flow of water.
  5. it will narrow your options, so you can use your time, skills, and talents in a more productive way.
  6. It will help you achieve your goals and strategies.
  7. It will enable you to identify and avoid distractions

Now that you have understood what you will gain from clarity, your greatest responsibility is to invest whatever time is required to become absolutely clear about exactly what you want and how you can best achieve it.

Follow up in the next article for more insight about this topic.

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