No Resting Place Here: The Need To Go The Extra Mile

I woke up this with a piece of ideas which will be of great value to your life in general and business in particular, if you have one.

One of my personal quote that move me from where I was to where I am aspiring to be is NO RESTING PLACE ON EARTH.

As far as we are still on this earth, no human being cannot say he is resting. Most of the time, the days I say I am going to rest are rather my busy ones, used most of the time arranging and tidying up my room. I don’t know whether it happens to you too. That is why I have finally concluded that man cannot fully rest on this earth until he is laid down in the cemetery. It is my opinion based on my experience. Yours might be different. But this is what I have seen, observed around me for the past few years.

Some people travel, others retreat just to rest. But If I consider the fatigue of driving for miles or voyages to reach their destination and the number of books they carry along to read, I might ask what really resting is? All this boils down to the insatiability of human beings. Even while resting, we plan, decide, project, write down, think, ponder, meditate over things to come or yet to happen. Man is never satisfied with his or her current situation. And this is very normal.

The reason is simple. It is not easy to become the person we want to be or need to be, therefore any thoughtful human being admits that he or she has not achieved perfection yet. This makes me never to be satisfied with my current condition.

Do you want to be better? Are you happy with your actual state? Is it all that you can do now? Can’t you go the extra mile? Being satisfied means you are complacent. Complacency leads to destruction, which is almost like burying yourself alive. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be contented with your current state of affairs. Not all. Celebrate what you have achieved so far and be happy about it. But don’t stop there, continue exploring means and ways to do better.

We only make progress if we are dissatisfied, hungry for more, and angry with our current situation. Dissatisfaction compels us to act, to seek something new. This point is mostly or often overlooked. For example, during this Covid -19 time, especially the lockdown period, I got angry with myself when I evaluated my financial situation and projected myself in the months to come if this pandemic should continue collecting lives and putting our future in jeopardy. As opposed to the urgent way of living, I haven’t put anything aside to cater to my family, but this made me sad, and mad. For this reason, the first week of the lockdown, I took the bold decision to take online courses on digital product creation and writing. Surprisingly enough, this has completely changed my condition and propelled me to another level.

One thing that you must remember for sure is: you will have no level of success if you think God will do everything himself while you just sit down around and make big plans. Yes, He is willing to help those who take the first steps towards Him.

I frequently tell my mentees and protégés that, the only person that places a limit to their success is them, by their thoughts and actions. The most compelling evidence is that you can’t grow beyond your thought content. I was once at the same place, in the same inaction, and procrastination boat. I was a typical example. But it didn’t do me any favor, instead, it drew me years back until I started talking concrete actions as stated earlier.

Another key point is that you must vow not to be like anyone else if you want to hit the peak performance of your business, career or any other endeavor in your life. Envy and comparison with others will definitely impede your progress. Know yourself, Be yourself and Work at your pace according to your abilities in as much as your strength and potentials are concerned.

But know that Self-satisfaction is a serious obstacle on the road to where you want to be and what you want to be. Just look at your finances, your career, your achievements, your relationships, and compare them with your vision, your dreams, and your desires. What mark can you score yourself, 10%,20%,30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,100%. If your score is below 50%, consider working or investing in yourself. If your score is beyond 50%, consider going extraordinary to what I call a 1000 % productivity curve. Leave the category of 100% and join the 1000% club. Go the extra mile.

Like an apple seed growing into an apple tree, your talents, gifts, will make you famous and successful someday if you decide to be hungry for more and angry with yourself, completely unhappy with your status quo. As long as you believe in yourself, believe in God and His Word, and strive for more accomplishment in your life you can come closer to what you want to be or need to be.

To your productivity. Till I write to you again, Stay safe and have a great day.

By Tamoskoff

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