This Is Why You Must Block Time Amidst Social Media Overload

Social media have taken all over the world. They have invaded our lives and disrupted our ways of living and interacting with people. But it is time-consuming especially if you don’t know how to prioritize your life activities. That is you need to block time for the most important things in your life. Yes, you hear it, bock time.

Your ability to block out time for the things that are most important for you.

Not everything is Important

Some things are good, but they are not right.

A story is told of a man who was told to wash plates but went ahead to clean the floor.

He did what was good but it wasn’t right.

So many of you are doing what is good but is not right for you now.

20% of the things you do account for 80% of your results, while 80% of the things you do account for 20% of your results.

But WHY you should Tremendously Cut social media time?

Most people are not working professionally and productively nowadays because of social media.

They are always on Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat,…….. all the time.

They have Too many avoidable messages to reply.

They have Too many repeated chats.

If they are friends send a message at 10:00, you must reply at 10:01.

They are very fast in replying to messages as Oshey, Usain Bolt running a race. But the faster Usain is, the more he gains money. Do you gain anything for the fastest reply to messages?

Those attitudes are very toxic and can hinder your life, your business, and your future. Just ask yourself. Am I a businessman? Am I urgently selling something that requires your instant reply if not the customers will go elsewhere? Is someone dying that needs your assistance and help? Is someone sick that needs your presence immediately? If no, concentrate on what you are currently doing and reply later.

So comes the tip. Pay attention and acct accordingly

-Don’t be in a hurry to reply every message.

Some people should wait.

If its not business or very important messages, let it wait small.

If you reply every message as it comes, you won’t have time
for yourself.

Until you start applying these simple things in your life, you will start seeing results and being more focused on turning your passion, ideas and talents into a business. Start now. Apply yourself. Discipline yourself. It is better for you.

Find the 20% and block out time in your day to keep doing it.

By Tamoskoff

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