4 Powerful Principles That Can Tremendously Help Boost Your Performance and Productivity In 2021

This morning, I woke up again with a severe headache I have struggling with these days. I am completely drained, deeply worn-out. I am going through a well-rooted burnout. For the past two weeks, I have been going through therapy. So what I am sharing with you today is a result of my life experiences, my observations, and my thoughts. You can decide to take it or not, it is completely up to you to decide. What I know is that these principles have started working for me and I hope they will skyrocket my performance in the next few months. After thoroughly researching and reviewing my life, asking friends and coaches, I finally decided to share them with you.

So read carefully these tips and tricks and apply them steadily if you wish. Rest assured, they work everywhere, anytime for everyone.

1- You will always loose outside if you’re not fit inside. You will always perform less outside if you are not ready inside.

My dear, it’s not just about how many times you wake up in a day to stress yourself in the name of hardworking ohhh… bricklayers, wheelbarrow pushers, street hawkers, and the likes work very hard but still end up with as little enough to feed just once or twice a day.

What makes successful people remain at the top is simply the wealth principles they’ve adopted. These principles make you do the right things that produce more effectively and efficiently, it opens you to the right opportunities and also forces you to develop your skill, sharpen your talents and build up your knowledge. It positions you in a better way. I have learned my lesson.

Also note this; a successful man may lose his wealth but they never lose the ingredients to their success: the right mindset.

2-Choose to Become an expert in one field at a time:

My dear, multitasking is good, but it hinders productivity.

I personally am a living testimony to this. I naturally love to learn new things, I do graphic designs, I create contents, I’m a copywriter, I’m a teacher , I draw, I… the list is so long but out of it all, what puts good on the table constantly is what matters most.

I decided to discipline myself with the help of my amazing spouse who became an accountability partner for me. I now choose to focus more on Content creation and teaching. With this, I can boldly say I have a good financial goal and a means of achieving it. Yes, I am learning how to position myself in the digital business market but at a slow pace according to my ability, my time, and my strength.

3-Choose to be Consistent

Here comes the big problem. You start today and all of a sudden, you start being lazy and feel there’s another time to do what you’re supposed to do immediately. The more you procrastinate the easier it is for distractions to take over your time.

We all have 24hrs in a day, what exactly is it that takes your time daily and how well do you plan your day.

To become consistent in a task, here’s what I personally started and it’s been working for me. I give myself a minimum of 30 days to focus on a particular thing. It could just be self-development. Once I’m able to do it these days, it automatically becomes a habit and I won’t easily stop doing it.

Once it’s a habit, I can then deliberately develop another habit and another and another till I achieve my goals

4-If your reason for getting done what you are doing now or becoming successful is tied to fear, anger, riches, or the need to prove yourself, you will never be happy not minding how far you have gotten.

Do ask yourself “What exactly is your reason for your pursuit of success ? Why do you want to have money?”

The popular response is to pay bills, to eat, to travel and brief live happily.

Now if you’re asked: for how long you’ve been on earth, haven’t you been paying bills, haven’t you been eating or doing other stuff? Why then haven’t you get as much money as you want?

I guess the best answer to all of these is in how valuable you are, how indispensable you have been to others. A person of value is always needed in the marketplace and once you’re in high demand, the success in the quote (since it means different things to different people) will always come your way.

In conclusion, in 2021, try to focus more on the value people will gain from you, along the line, you’ll get to add a price to it and get the prize you want to have. In a bigger bowl, you will win the life race successfully.

It’s Tamoskoff again and I greatly Value you.

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