Why Is It Important To Understand What Success Means To You


We all long to become successful, but sometimes forget to do things that are in line with attaining success. We have big dreams but fail to fulfill them to the fullest in order to see them through. We have big wishes but fail to make them happen in our lives. We want to achieve heights but forget that going to the top is not an easy job. In fact if it were easy, we are all there right now.

Unfortunately, mere dreams, wishes are not achieved by words of mouth. It is the effort, the zeal, the work, the passion we put in to make them happen that open the road to success . If you have a shortcut to it, please let me know.

I know success may have different definitions, features and perspectives depending on each one’s perception and philosophy of life. But it has signs that show clearly what you are successful at and how it impacts your life and other people’s lives.

Now, endeavor to answer the following questions in plain words in order to position yourself strategically on the path of success or join the league of successful people.

What is your definition of success and what can you do to gain it?

What should you do that proves you are steadily working towards the success you desire?

Before you answer those questions , note that from the top of my knowledge and experience and after studying and listening to successful ones, I have come to realize that:

Success is not a tap that you open and the water starts flowing spontaneously.

Success is not mere dreams that you always keep under your mind’s carpet unscheduled, unchanged, unchecked, unachieved

Success is not simple wishes that you throw on yourself or others send you through whichever means

Success is not doing the same thing, the same way everyday

Success is not for those who are not deliberate or intentional about their daily activities

Now that you understood what success is not from my perspective which may be different from your line of thought , let’s talk about what it is.

Success is the the daily pursuit of excellence irrespective of irrespective of obstacles, setbacks, hardships that you encounter on your road


Success belongs to those who wake up every morning and pursue their dreams regardless of any confrontations, difficulties, problems or issues

Success is for those who have grow and make their mind not to give up, not to give in and not to throw in the towel as, a boxer will do when he can sustain the punches of his opponent

Success is for those who always say “the game is not going to be over until I gain what I want”,

Success is for those who surrender from *” *what will people say syndrome” and stop moving on*

Success is for everyone. Yes it is for YOU too. Embrace it. Devise it. Imagine it. Create it and live in it.

Success is for you, never take it light. You have all Abilities and the potentials that have been endowed on you. Try hard to discover it and work on it day in, day out. **The Greatness within you is limitless ** and you deserve to be successful.

Again if you have any ideas, thoughts, definitions different from the above, you are free to express them in the comments. Your contributions may add more spice to the subject and make it more palatable.

What to do now?

Decide and *devise your definition of success and strive to work towards it to the best of your abilities, knowledge, experience and skills.

This is my advice to you, feel free to take it in, absorb it and digest it for the advancement of your business, life or any other course of endeavor you find yourself in or reject it.

As you go through the day, the week, the month and the rest of the year 2021,

Dare to be DIFFERENT .


Dare to go EXTRA MILE



Dare to be YOURSELF .

You’re more than what you are now

So make this week’s success counts for you and replicate it for the days, weeks, months and years to come in a strategic and tactical manner. You will be surprised by the results you will be getting.



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