6 of the Best Read Books in 2020: Recommend by The Uncoiled Authors.

There is a whole ocean full of books, but here are the Top 6 Recommended Books by The Uncoiled Authors.


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The Manual of the Warrior of Light By Paulo Coelho.

The Manual of the Warrior of light is based on the premise that everybody is a Warrior of Light, we have just forgotten what lies deep within us. As children we have this unwavering faith and trust in the world, we believe in the goodness of life and of people and we still believe in miracles. This little book offers an invitation to return to that state of being and live courageous, authentic lives.

A Warrior of Light, as explained by the author, will still have days of doubt, questioning, and darkness, but each and every page leaves you with some nugget of wisdom and a renewed hope in your own capacity as a human being to get up, try again and fight the good fight.

He has been ranked as number 2 on the list of ‘200 most influential contemporary authors’, in itself an achievement of a lifetime for any ‘Warrior’. By @nadine-rosin

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Gold by Chris Cleave

Gold By Chris Cleave

This captivating piece of art by Chris Cleave revolves around four characters; 3 velodrome cyclists and their daughter. The book presents a plethora of positive and pessimist emotions. It travels through passion, humor, vengeance, betrayal, tragedy, amity, and what not. 

The three world-class cyclists; Zoe, Kate, and Jack, meet at the same time and almost instantly become friends at heart and foes at life. As at one point they are willing to go to lengths for each other (and did), on the other they are compelled to compete on the racetrack.

Zoe is depicted as a patient of PTSD and very passionate- sometimes even selfish- about winning the Gold, whereas Kate comes out as a compromising amicable but nevertheless a tough competition for Zoe. Lastly, Jack- the father of Sophie, a young girl with leukemia, appears to be a happy-go-lucky person.

Cleave forces his characters to make some onerous choices between motherhood vs career and friendship vs winning.

He writes in a very lucid tone way, allowing you to understand the characters from different angles. On every turn of events, it makes you want to reach the end, without giving away the plot.

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The surrealist

The Surrealist by Michaela Carter

This book tells the life story of the artist Leonora Carrington in form of a novel. It starts 1937 when Leonora first gets to know Max Ernst, a, at this time, already well known artist and surrealist. They fall in love with each other and start a love affair although Max is already married.

He introduces her to the art scene in Paris, the ‘Salon de Paris’ and the regularly meeting group of surrealists residing in or often visiting Paris ( to name a few: Leonor Fini, Meret Oppenheim, Salvador. After some time she and Max move to the South of France where Leonora where she fully dedicates to painting.

When the Second World War starts Max is being imprisoned. Only to see that after his release Leonora is gone. He begins to search for her. But in the meantime Leonora has started to emancipate herself as a woman and an artist. Also from his relationship to him and only being seen as the woman beside the ‘big artist’ and not the independent artist she is herself.

The strength and power, not only Leonora, but also other women artists had at that time, to become independent artists and also fight for their right to also be seen as that really impressed me. Also their artworks are fascinating and inspiring and way to often overlooked or too less recognised.

This book inspired me firstly look more into the different women artists and secondly to follow my heart, path, what I believe in and to pursue the dreams I have. By @luna-maluna-gri

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The 40 Rules of love By Elif Shafak

It is no surprise that the plot of this book sets us in a place that we have all at some point found ourselves in, and that is midlife crisis. Now, not all would be fortunate enough to find an Aziz Z. Zahara in life but, it is true that one would be able to comprehend the 40 rules of love that shape our existence and the life we lead. Ela Rubenstein, the unhappy 40 year old who is suffering from a midlife crisis is shown into light when she starts reading a manuscript of a book written by an mysterious writer named Aziz Z. Zahara. 

The book follows on with not only one story but stories of men and women belonging to the time of the 13th century. The book goes on explaining each of the 40 rules of love in a manner that is so subtle yet so intelligible  that it is hard for one to see such truths in broad daylight. The 40 rules of love, does not fail to show life from every prospect, from the eyes of a beggar, to the eyes of a drunk and from the eyes of a prostitute.

The book is special because it is narrated not only by one person but by every mentioned character in the book. Some characters but also by Shams of Tabrizi and the great mystic poet Rumi, and gives them a voice that for the people of this age is comprehensible. The book does not only shed light on the rules of love but is liberating and provides a person with freedom to make sense of the book in their own manner. It is truly a delightful read!

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A Girl is a Body of Water By Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

This moving, coming-of-age tale follows a young girl and her family in her village in rural Uganda under the rule of vicious dictator, Idi Amin. Kirabo grows up around women in her village—her aunts, grandmother and best friend—but she is constantly plagued with the noticeable absence of her mother. As she gets older, she recognizes a power, a self within her that is the direct opposite of her normal behaviour; this self headstrong, rebellious, strong, vital and confusing. Sometimes she loses control and this self takes over her, scaring her usual sweet, docile nature. She begins spending time with a local witch an d trading stories that increases her familiarity between herself, this powerful, opposite self she possesses, and her absent mother. This book taught me to not muddy my imagination of a world where young girls and women are vocal and outspoken in a world that constantly seeks to silence them. It helped renew my sense of belonging and of negation to elders’ archaic ideas of what a woman should be and act like.

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Chop Wood, Carry Water. By Joshua Medcalf

This book is about a boy originally from America who became a monk in Japan to learn archery. At first, he thought he could learn the art, skill of this within two years, but it took him 7 years to complete his training. Most of time, chopping wood and carrying water instead.

Frustrated, he decided to take some shortcuts to speed up and finish the training but it couldn’t work. Resilience, patience and perseverance are key to succeed in archery, anything he needs to learn before graduating.

His master, a veteran in the field was always there to support, guide, nurture and provide advice if necessary for all the trainers to achieve their goals.

If you want to understand systems, processes and strategies to achieve greater results, “chop wood, carry water” is the best book that can give the insight. Many of us get caught up in the end results of what we’re working toward or the way things will be when we finally achieve something. But the truth is that getting to where you want to go or being successful doesn’t mean that the work that leads you there goes away. These small, tiny, apparently insignificant steps are very crucial, critical to achieve the desired outcome.

I highly recommend this book to parents who want to inculcate in their children some strong qualities and habits like patience , perseverance etc..

It is a must- read book for young ones who want to learn a new skill since it gives them the seriousness and step-by-step approach to making it happen.

To anyone who want to create some sense of urgency and clarity in their lives, this book is a masterpiece to take refuge into.

Buy “Chop Wood, Carry Water” on amazon, https://amzn.to/2L5Sh4H

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