8 Exclusive Tips To Acquire Smart And Productive Habits!

Some years back, I came across two blinds who were walking along a busy street. They managed through up to the crossroads. Now it is time to cross. How are they going to do that?
For more than thirty minutes, they would engage in and whenever they heard the noise of a car, they would retract and come back to their first position. They were dancing this Tango and Capoeira till someone held their hands to the other side of the road and warned them not to try this again in order not to jeopardize their life.

8 Exclusive Tips To Acquire Smart And Productive Habits!

Just imagine how easy and fast would be for them if they looked for someone who could guide them even a little one.

The same thing may happen to us if we know that our abilities and capabilities are not enough to build, guide and project ourselves into the future. Some of us are not smart enough to think far, plan easily and organize ourselves the best way possible. What would you do then?

The best way is to learn and copy them. How do we copy them? For the past 4 days, I self-imposed a retreat just to minutely study some great posts and their impact on me and the others. I have come to the conclusion that we can not do the same but we can learn from the great minds and do what they do.

Maybe you might not perform like them, but you may improve upon yourself. You may move from a lower level to a higher one. It will be a success for you.

It is not easy to be like productive people if you don’t diligently study them.

Now try the following things :

1-Read books smart people read.

2-Watch videos smart people watch.

3-Walk with smart people.

4-Work with them.

5-Listen to smart people and jot down the points that catch your attention which you deem necessary for your progress.

6-Engage with their posts wherever you find them
Don’t just comment, ask them questions at the end of your comments. Be intentional about them

6-Take their course if any especially if your means allow you.

7-Let them coach you if possible.

8-Attend their webinars, mastermind regularly so far as your means allow you

Someone may say that we know all these things already. Undeceive yourself. It is easy said then done. If it were easy to copy smart people, by now we are all acting smartly and achieving great things. Since we are not, it means we need to learn how to copy them intelligently. This is another art. Learning how to learn.

But where will you find smart people? They are here on this platform. They are at your workplace. They are in your area. They are in the movie, cinema. Just open your eyes and your mind, you will see them.

If you do all the above mentioned points, you may end up smart as well. But exercise patience. It won’t happen overnight. Be aware.

If you have any ideas that conflict or compliment mine, please let me know in the comments box.

Thanks for reading.

Here are a few people, videos, and books to read!

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By Tamoskoff.

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