How To Learn and Grow Through Your Mistakes

This post is about success, failure, challenges, adversities and mistakes, flaws etc…

We all face the them at certain point in time in our life.

But today we are going to focus on mistakes.

It is worth positing that around the globe, billions of mistakes are made every day. Mistakes are very common among human beings. We all make them in one way or the other. He who doesn’t make mistakes is a perfect human being. And since perfection is not in this world, I assume that we all fail at a certain point in life.

Some of us don’t make them every here and then. But for some people, mistakes are common and regular that they become ashamed and disappointed in themselves.

If you find yourself in this state of affairs, don’t worry. This post will give you the keys to lock them up and reverse their effects on your life and your future, at least reduce or minimize them.

What are mistakes?

They are proof you are trying something somewhere at certain point in your life.

In my own situation, I make the same mistake again so often that, I now call them traditions. I am disappointed, ashamed of myself sometimes. But I learned how to dominate and fire them back.

If you are still working on your project despite the mistakes , Oh dear, you are trying. Don’t give up.

Never think that you are a loser, underachiever, a failure, a flop and also-rans.

I am talking to you. Yes, I mean you. Every single one of you.
And me to or better us too.

Over here, permit me to repeat myself. I am just emphasing and stretching on it. We are all losers. We all mess up from time to time. We all suffer rejections, knocks backs, setbacks and disappointments,. It is part of human beings. Sometimes, life sucks.

But failing is very important. It is only through our mistakes that we can learn and grow. Losing is not the enemy of winning, it is part of the winning process.

All those of you who have achieved something in life can testify it. You had your share of setbacks. Often, it was these sets backs that pushed you to become stronger and wiser even more strategic. Isn’t it?

What is your philosophy of success and failure? How do you ascertain success? How much success is success? How best can you attain it?

We are all losers,definitely. But we can all be winners too.

Do you remember the 2018 wold cup when Croatia won Argentina, England, Russia, Iceland to get to the Final? People were not expecting that. For Croatians, it was a big success though they didn’t win the final against France. But for Argentina, England it was a failure because they have won the world cup many times. Croatians were happy about their giddy heights after the tournament.

So success is not about finishing first or winning the biggest trophies. No! Instead it should mean different things to you.
Most times, we all want to be the first, the winner forgetting that today’s winners have gone through lots of mistakes, failures from which they learned from. That’s the growth mindset. But the truth is that we can’t be all at the top at the same time. Think about the athletes, the games we watch. How many people win? One person, one team. That’s all. Period… That’s it. So the next time you make mistakes, you fail, take it easy. Take it as a learning experience. Mistakes are part of life. We all got it right in our first attempt, which means we would be where we are now.

So, It is an illusion that we can all be at the top. We have top and top. At the top of the top, there is a top. We cannot all be at the top of the class in science, math, or English. No. So we need to set ourselves targets based on what we think is realistic and achievable within our means and abilities.
Once the target is set, approach it as a challenge in the best and sound way. You can only win over every single challenge in your own way with the right mindset. Celebrate every small win you make. That is your success despite the repeated mistakes. Enjoy it. Love it. Like it. Comment on it. Share it. It gives you courage and the vim to continue. Don’t compare your small wins with other people’s big wins. Rather learn from theirs and correct your mistakes. Be yourself. Continue your good work. In the end, you will gain a lot.

So instead saying I failed because I am not good at this say “what can I do differently”

Instead of saying I failed because this is too hard, say” this might take time”

Instead of saying I failed because I can’t do it, say “mistakes help me learn”

Instead of saying I made mistake again , say “I cannot do it this way, so I’ll do it another way”

Instead of saying I give up because I cannot see the end of the tunnel say “I will train my brain”

If you able to grow through all that you go through, you will definitely glow.

After reading this post, Will you win over your mistakes ?

Any new ideas, thoughts to support or refute what I said, put it in the comment box. I will love to read from you too.

By Tamoskoff

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