Everyone aspires to get some money that he can use to take care of themselves, their family and maybe create a foundation to help others around the world. Some people always think of money, yet they forget is that Money follows value. Yes, you heard right. It’s been like that since time immemorial. Look at all the things you used your money to buy. Why did you decide to buy them in the first place? You did so because you were expecting to get value out of them and you believe that you will definitely get it. But ask yourself, who created that value? It might be an individual, a company, or an organization. Note that they all have one thing in common– they saw a problem, an opportunity, and find a means to solve it. And that solution becomes valuable to those who acquired it. The value they got them gave them satisfaction, happiness, and a certain level of achievement and accomplishment. 
So what is your value? 

Unfortunately, those who don’t have any value to offer, use dubious, fraudulent, and illegal methods and ways to get it which is severely punishable by law. I hope you are not one and guess you are not planning to join that group.

Now sincerely ask yourself, if you want to have money, how valuable are you?  How valuable are your skills, experience, knowledge, and talents? What are you putting on the market that people will buy and get be happy with? Are you sure that people will be ready to open their wallets and buy that skill, that knowledge, that talent or product and services you have created? Take the case of a job seeker. If a company hires you, it is not about your beauty or good looking aspect. No, it is about what you are bringing on board to help in the advancement or development of their business. It is about your personality and your growth mindset. Yes, it is about your character and intrinsic soft skills that will boost the visibility, marketability, and overall performance of the company or organization. What is your interpersonal communication skills? Companies need people who can adjust and fit into a culturally diverse environment. And if you meet their expectations and are ready to go the extra mile, they will pay you the needed money. That’s why if you are looking for jobs these days, ask yourself how indispensable are you for the job market? 
Remember that money follows value. 

Read this illustration. 
If I am thirsty at a time on a hot afternoon, then it becomes obvious that I need chilled water especially if I am in tropical weather. If someone offers that chilled water to me at that instant, then the water is very valuable to me.

So I wouldn’t hesitate to pay to obtain that value. Stop, Think at this point. Then, ask your self today what value are you giving?

Consequently, if you have not built value inside of you, then you can’t give value out. This is what is called the inside-outside approach. What you have within you, that what you display outside. 

If you can’t give value out, then you can’t be paid any fee, which means that you can not find the key to your financial breakthrough.
Besides, find people who would teach, coach, mentor you with high-income skills today that would make you valuable on the market and lets you make genuine money online if that is your goal or offline if that’s where you feel comfortable. In all, you need to take your products and services online one day or the other. But the problem is you need to take action now. Start working towards that immediately.  

After acquiring those skills, you would become valuable. Then you would offer your value and be paid a fee for it either working on your own or for someone. 

What does this mean for you? It means that life has so many uncertainties and the one who will succeed need to have more value than certificates, diplomas. 

Again, to have more money to flex, take care of family, take your spouse out on that special day is equally related to how indispensable and valuable you you have become. 

By Tamoskoff

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