Do You Feel Raped? A Poem.

It is sometimes hard to believe that we live in a world where women are raped and burned alive, where girls who have not even heard of the word before being found dead, where the body of one gender is of no value. And it’s not just the ones who are dead but the ones who are alive who face the constant threat of being raped, and let me tell you, as a woman, you go through it every day.

But who are we kidding? Society tells girls that it is okay, it is okay if someone touches you, it’s okay if you don’t like someone’s gaze and even if something happens to you make sure you don’t say a thing about it.

Women all around the world probably have experienced this, but how do we help them? Let me tell you how, we say, “you should have worn a longer dress”, “you should have stopped it”, “you should have not slept beside your brother”, “you must have suggested it yourself”. This is the truth and let me tell you if you’re a school girl waiting in line for your train ticket while holding the hand of your younger brother and when someone comes from behind you and touches you inappropriately and the woman behind him doesn’t help you, that is when you feel raped.

So why feel ashamed of using this word to liberalr ?

Do you feel raped?
When those eyes look disgustingly at you?
And their glance feels heavy on your body.
Or when they examine you to know your worth?
Or do you just look away?

Do you feel raped?
When a brother touches you?
Or when it is your uncle in his sleep?
And you can’t say anything.
Or are you silent because you know others won’t help?

Do you feel raped?
When you’re told that you’re just a girl?
Or when your words don’t matter,
And all you can do is shy away,
when the boy comes to see you?

Do you feel raped?
When someone touches you, while you stand in line?
Or when he follows you on the train.
And the others standing behind don’t do a thing?
Or did you even cry out for them too?

You do feel raped,
yet you don’t say a word,
you don’t tell your mother,
you don’t cry out for help.

Because deep down you know,
the most disappointing and disgusting fact,
That you’re just a Girl.

If you’re a person of the female gender and if you have been silenced, I urge you, I plead to you, please speak and take action. It is only when we speak and stand together, do we have a chance to bring change.

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