A Rose that Blooms Is Incomplete Without Its Thorns

Just have a close look at this girl,

Staring at every nook and corner

Of the ecstatic moments she used to live

That seems just like a past

That never left apart,

The kind of homes she made

Out of her little infinities,

When she could pour her heart out so easily

With no fear on her part,

When she could spend hours

Creating tremendous pieces of art,

When she could sit in silence

To hear the screaming cries of her heart,

When she could track the sun setting,

Leaving the slight orange tinge over horizon

And dragging her far from feeling blue

Just like the color of day as it starts,

When she could be all vulnerable

With her thoughts so sublime as are the stars…

But now, she had to grow out of her innocence

To become matured enough to put a mask

Of indifference to the fire of her soul

She tried to be someone else

Whom the world didn’t find queer

And who fitted well in the society’s square

But when she didn’t feel like herself anymore,

She became exhausted with always giving other more

While all of her expectations of what she deserved, gone

Only leaving behind the ashes of dissatisfaction

With anguish prevailing in the smoke

Until one day

She decided to rise above those very ashes

That she could only conquer after embracing

Both her desires and miseries

From now onwards

She is not going to collect the broken shards of her heart

Instead she will regrow her heart with passion

A heart that is softer with more love than before

Not only for others, but herself as well

A heart that is stronger and fearless of the thorns

That come up with the society’s fake stigmas all along

For she realized that thorns are the ones

That complete a rose

She is going to bloom now…!

amna rana

This writing is for every girl out there who grew out of her childish madness, teenage vulnerability towards exploring and expressing every human emotion without any fear of judgment, and suddenly became matured enough to be called a “Good Woman” that makes sense to the society.

Because unfortunately, her dreams, her passion, her desire to explore the universe, her inquisitive nature, her spending hours on creating art for nothing but peace of her mind, her giving herself “Me-time”…. didn’t make sense to the society…!

For no aspect in a personality can be neglected

Well, I totally understand and nurture the same belief in my heart that just like any man, a girl has to carry every responsibility, which is bound with every stage of her life whether being a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother and that’s what a true woman manages to do so elegantly despite a plethora of difficulties. But what we all forget is that a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother_ all are a human first and besides owing a list of obligations and responsibilities towards these relationships, she does owe herself adequate time, self-love, care, dedication along with responsibilities regarding the fulfillment of her ambitions, and her passion that her soul rekindle in her heart. She does owe herself contentment that comes from owning her unfiltered physical and emotional self irrespective of social stigma and fake standards that we, as a community, have developed unfortunately. Sometimes, our harmless passion, our honest desires and pursuing of our dreams become unacceptable thorns for society that they want to cut off while keeping only the soft rosy petals, but they forget that those very thorns make a rose complete.

By accepting all her thorns along with the beautiful petals


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      March 11, 2024

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