Letter to the Unseen Moon.

Hey childhood friend, it’s your old buddy. I always worried about forgetting you, moon, and I did. When you grow old, you tend to lose the most important memories of your life.

I already lost most, but I don’t want to lose you. You have been circling me for many years to remind me of your presence. But I don’t even look at you in the dark times. Instead, I cried within myself on my mistakes and failures. Totally forget you exist there to comfort me.

This modern time surrounds me with its lights. I’ve been the prisoner of them, not anymore. I’ve seen the moonlight. You look-alike a white ball floating around to everyone but me. You are my soul.

I lived alone most of my time in childhood. And moon you are one of my best friends. Maybe the only one. Because those best friends are not with me now. You still accompany me.

Childhood days are crossing my mind as flashbacks like in the movies. I remember the days of playing hide-and-seek with you, moon. I was never afraid to walk alone on dark roads. You are always there. If I walk, you walk with me. If I run you run with me.

Yeah, someday you took days off. But still most of the time you are there for me. Our friendship is secret until now. Maybe It’s suited to call our friendship a secret affair.

I smirked when people talked about their long-distance relationship. It’s definitely not far compared to the distance between us.

You seduce the poets with your beauty. Moon, they use you as metaphors without asking your permission. I am not one of them. I ask for forgiveness.

I remember the story you told about the man who wants to own you by putting a flag on you. Don’t worry, it seems like their vision of colonizing you has changed. Now they are chasing Mars.

Children forget their imaginary friends when they grew up. It’s because those friends are imaginary. But not you moon. You are always there I can see you yet. These concrete jungles block our vision but not our friendship. Unless I lose the memory of you.

Memories are like brought-up birds. If you had a good understanding with them. They may fly away from you. But they will return at some time.You’ve returned moon. This time I took care of you. I’ll swear I don’t forget.

I wrote this letter as an apology and also as a reminder for myself. That I have someone to watch me always. It’s you moon.

No human can understand this friendship because it’s not human friendship. It’s something else better not to name it.

This Beatles’ song yesterday lyrics keep ringing in my ears

Suddenly I’m not half the man I used to be
There’s a shadow hangin over me

Paul McCartney

Fulfill my moon. Clears the shadow hanging over me with your amazing light. You are my strength. Maybe that’s why I am weak now. I want you again in my life. Would you accept me? Reply as soon as possible buddy. I don’t live as long as you.

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