Beloved Autumn Speak to my Heart This Season

Beloved Autumn you are back again. I almost lose hope around the sweltering mid summer days when I ache for your cool embrace.

My eyes long see you dancing with the leaves in whips and whirls while little insect’s flurry into the crunchy bed of mulch to fill their belly’s ahead of winter’s clutch.

Your brisk chill morning melodies somehow uplift my heart as if I were greeting a dear old friend at my door. You feel so familiar and comforting showing up in your russet and saffron grandfatherly robes.

What lessons will you bring to my life this season? Will I finally be able to learn to live your wise ancient ways in this world of woes?

I hope we spend enough time together this year. I have been very occupied of late and would hate to wait another season or two to truly sit with your gifts.

I will take your hand this time, and not wait for you to claim mine. I will hear your song whispered through the sleepy earth and drink in the nostalgia you awaken, whether for times gone by or those lifetimes we have lived through together.

My heart needs to pour itself out to you, into you.

Welcome cherished, adored, awaited Autumn, sit awhile and share your soul with me.

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