The morning after the celebration

Part Thirteen of the series “Letters from the heart”.

the morning after the celebration by Ludwig Knaus, 1853

Behind the fainted smile on my face, hides dark secrets that your ears wish to hear someday…

Behind the cold facial expression, lies warmth and kindness that you wished could encounter…

The thought of giving you up scares me to death, the overwhelming silence could be suffocating to the point that I can’t sense my surroundings or the air coming from my lungs. the captivation of your eyes makes my soul surrender to its gloriousness, meanwhile, we are looking in different directions, and different generations collide in a beautiful pattern. I can share my secrets if you do the same, looking at the full moon with the light of the lamp, golden faces speaking in quietness, and sharing kids’ bedtime stories. I am the moon child you were looking for so long, that cup of coffee you’ve spilled on your hand, accentuates the wrinkles in your hand, gazing at that map at the end of the coffee cup while narrating your fortune telling.

The way to love me isn’t hard,

Just hold me tight like you are now,

We don’t know what will happen to us later

We can be more in love together

Only then by Roy Kim


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