How To Avoid Growth Hinders Without Hiring A Personal Development Coach- Seven Incredible Elements To Watch Out

The basic requirements for growth are desire and actions. However when your desire exceeds actions, the requirements won’t be met and growth would be hindered .

Some of us are too much consumed by the desire than putting in the actions required to give birth to the desired growth.

So, if you are concerned with changing levels rather than growing, please listen up- some levels are subjected to growth and not desire, because they can’t be handled with immaturity.

Therefore, it is essential that you’re grown into the stature of the level you have pictured before you can feature into it.

The reason is simple – you can’t operate a as a master in a filed with a baby’s mind. That’s would be the biggest disaster ever in your life. Kings reason, live or act correspondingly.

If you want to be a master, you need to gather the needed information, knowledge and experience before people will tag you as such.

You have to go through the process with all that it entails :depression at certain point, oppression another time, headaches, hustles, difficulties anything that can refine and position you as a master in the future.

Know that to move from one level to another , to climb the steps of a ladder in life, there is a sacrifice attached it. Some of them come in form of hard experiences meant to enlarge your capacity and prune you into shape like that tree at the roadside you admire a lot.

Give every word a meaning, learn how to grow with every comma, full stop, exclamation mark, question mark etc..

Anything that robs your peace, tranquility and comfort might be the right ingredients for the kind of growth required by the new level you want to reach. If you can’t endure it, forget about that desired growth you are longing for.

Know that some steps are sharp while others are steep. They become unfriendly causing your temperament. Therefore, you need to trim them well, pay rapt attention to them as you are climbing so that you stand still.

Unfortunately, some of us, merely have no accommodating capacity, yet we want to take the lead, command and give order. How can it happen successfully? Sometimes I feel like I am part of that group.

Some of us too find very difficult to manage relationships because we’ve unknowingly or knowingly stopped the process that might help us grow in that aspect. We taught we could do it alone. It will definitely bounce back.

Let’s say you leave in the same room with your friend, and one day you actually packed out of the room because you think your roommate is the most terrible and worst human being on earth while forgetting that you are not perfect as well.

If you start tagging people as such, you would like to live alone than mingling with people because they easily get on your nerves. But, stop and think : don’t you get on people’s nerves too? Or you are a saint. I don’t think so.

If you have resolved to climb a mountain for days, you will definitely burn some fat and dump some weight in the air before you reach your destination or achieve your goals.

If we badly hold on to those things, yet we desire new level, how will get there?

I hope by now, you have started thinking of your past, your current conditions, the way you go about things. That’s cool.

This means, wisdom is not acquired once for all. We grow everyday. That’s the principle of life. We all hope to be better day in day out even if many aspect of your life are not responding in affirmative to your desires.

Stupid ones analyse days, months and years of their life with usual false hope that things will get better the next day, month and year but the wise ones analyse each day, month and year of their life in such a way that they make the best from every moment. They don’t wish, they take action.

Don’t forget we are already in April and the year will end in 8 months time.

A new day should be a new you, and what you make out of it it matters a lot to your future life.

Be an action taker, a champion of the moment not the champion of the future you haven’t already seen and touched. Plan for the future but act daily to get there.

The only way to get there is to quit the fantasies and build your reality. Reality of the moment.

To sum up, these are things you can do

1-Get aligned with your maker.

Develop a cordial relationship with Him through which you can navigate the course of your existence.

Good success comes from God, not the ones that makes you rich with a touch of sorrow.

Stop believing the lies that you don’t need God to be successful.

2-Learn to grow with the commas, no level promises a smooth ride.

Stay active in the place of process rather than running away.

3-Be updated and versatile.

Learn skills, that’s the latest currency.

4-Read books:

It could be spiritual, financial, marital, leadership, career materials etc.

If you are an undergraduate, or graduate, these books will prepare you mind and get you ready for the desired growth you desire. Don’t wait till you graduate before you start making things happen or you have a problem before you start looking for solutions. They in those books.

5-Get trained and well groomed for the future before you.

6-Build your life with valuable resources.

7-And by all means, implement!

Getting results is not just about gathering knowledge, results can only be gotten from the knowledge you implement not the ones you document.

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I care a lot about you! I love you. You are highly esteemed.

Be a change agent.

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