Take The Risk And See The Results That Come After


Taking risk has been the biggest challenge of human beings. It has been a serious issue for those who want to venture in a new endeavor. But per my experience, it is more rewarding than not trying it.

Consequently lots of people are afraid to venture into business, side income activities not knowing what they the future holds for them. But who knows tomorrow? No one I guess.

However “Playing it safe and taking no Risks is the shortcut to poverty” said Jordan Belfort

The English Language explains risks as an exposure to danger or harm.

Mark the words “Exposure”

It doesn’t mean “Certainty”

This means that the FEAR isn’t the danger or harm but the fact that you’re being exposed to an end you aren’t sure of.

Because you fear the unknown, you choose to remain in the dark and pray or wish for the light to someday come your way. But you forget that no human was created with the ability to know what happens after the next move is made.

Those who that tend to know have only tried out the unknown severally based on calculated results. Calculated results are very important to minimize the impact of the risk in case it turns awkward.

Do you know it is a big risk for you to wait for things to happen based on your expectations? Do know that until you have jump into the unknown, you will remain at the same place watching others?

Note that it almost impossible to progress without taking risks. In fact we always take risks every day, when we step out. We don’t know most of the time if we would come back since anything can happen to us at any given time. A bad driver can easily ran to you. A sudden rally can easily make you change your way. An unfortunate gunning can easily tear you apart. But we still believe that we can go and come back easily. Let’s apply the same mentality when it comes to creating our own business either physical or online. There are lots of possibilities for us especially online business. Let’s explore and take the risk.

By Tamoskoff

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