The Sacred Words of Love – Interview with Nino Memanishvili I Change ISSUE 4

I submitted material includes one short essay, inspired by New York city, the city which never sleeps, changes constantly, with certain things remaining unchanged, which carry memories, nostalgia and mood. Looking at things, at past from different environment, and even time may feel contrasting.

Nino Memanishvili

Amira Hassan: Can you share with us your story as an artist, how did you start your artistic writing, tell us more about your creative background and career so far? 

Nino Memanishvili: I started writing to deal with “pain’’ and emotional condition because of death of my father and  elder brother. However, I somehow always enjoyed writing as a form of self-expression (leave  alone the fact that, every person who writes does feel, think and live in their certain way, they need more, as “tribune” to express, to feel, to react), and also my lecturer at University  encouraged me to write. My profession and career is not related to World of Art or writing. I hold BA in Social Sciences and work for Energy Company. My creative development is part of my own personal development, and I like that I hold it in my hands and it does not depend on anything or anyone, rather than me. I also enjoy photography and painting.

Amira Hassan: Let us talk about “New York” your poem submission to the uncoiled magazine 4th issue “Change’’. What does change really means to you? 

Nino Memanishvili: “Change” means everything. Inner and outer, it does not have time or term of “validity”, only desire to make it happen, start with a little, turn it into something big… no matter what is subject, it doesn’t really matters.  

Amira Hassan: I really love these sentences from your submission, the fact that its written for a different era in the 60s makes it more intriguing to learn more about the story of this young girl from New York, which you wrote here: 

  • ”Maybe it is not 1969, but I can still feel on the tip of my tongue the sacred words of love. Sometimes I see the girl in my vivid, lifelike dreams feeling the Empire State of mind, walking with her on the Brooklyn Bridge, warming the heart we both have burnt.”

Can you share the story behind creating this piece of writing? 

Nino Memanishvili: Actually, there is no “story” behind; somehow, I wanted to write about NY; words, symbols, ideas, inspirations were coming to mind.  Regarding, different era, I was just curious about different time and someone’s (not mine for sure ☺ ) memories, nostalgia, maybe missed opportunities.

Amira Hassan: I feel that these sentences represent the whole idea behind our message for Change, our audience can relate to these sentences from your writing which reads: 

  • “And the more I think, the more I perceive this reality with nostalgic warmth. I hope one day I will be able to find it; then I will be able to find myself as well, and before I turn into someone I am not today or that I will turn into tomorrow, there won’t be left unspoken words or unfelt feelings.” 

We all go through change in our lives and it is good to embrace it and not leave ourselves lost in the abyss. How would you encourage the readers to embrace their new changed sides of themselves and not fear people’s judgments and criticism? 

Nino Memanishvili: Well, that is right. Biggest fear is to change, to give it a start, but as soon as you start, criticism and judgment just “vanishes“, enthusiasm is so big and rewarding that one may not even notice that there are ones not very glad or happy for one’s change. 

Amira Hassan: Thank you so much for collaborating on this interview with the Uncoiled magazine, I would like to share these final words written by you for our audience to read and indulge on the truthfulness of these beautiful words:

“And sometimes I see her coming from the station at 181st street where the lucid green lamp is visible on the right. And she smiles pleasantly, and we do not share conversation; the most important words need to be left unspoken, and maybe the most important feelings have to remain unfelt on the same ground; I know one-we are connected, our souls are tied with the same knot.” 

Change – Issue 4

This issue of magazine contains not just art and literature speaking of change but is a promise that we will create in our art and never stop fighting for what is right and true.

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