Why Do We Live? The Inconvenience of Life

Why do we live? At this current moment, it’s safe to say that I am fully content with the present moment. Not thinking of my past, not pondering over the present, just living and breathing the air that I am lent. I can see people dying, in front of my eyes, and their bodies lined up to burn. As a human, I suppose this makes me very sad. But at the same time, a part of me feels that this is fate. Fate is pulling its strings to make the world go numb. Strings that see no harm in taking the lives of so many. But if you’re a person believing in faith, it is inevitable that you believe in God. A force for good. I sympathize and empathize with the families who have lost their precious ones and if I were put in this situation, I would be as good as dead, for I love too much in this world to see it all go. In a way, it makes me uncomfortable writing about this, but I feel that these are my words to say and this is my voice to preach.

Life is a monotonous cycle, starting with birth and eventually leading to death. This cycle is irreversible and there is nothing that can be done about this. There is a certain joy that we feel when we bring life on this earth, and it is beyond me to think that I am entrusted to be a bearer of this gift alongside others. It is utterly beautiful to see those little hands and those tiny feet. And the joy is just so surreal that one won’t think twice before dying for such an innocent creature. But then life takes its course and time travels through the clocks revealing age and growth and emotions and feeling and unfolding the world that we see today. And this once innocent and fragile creature is taught to be a man and a woman, whatever that even means. This fragile creature is taught to be tough and quiet and it learns the ways of this world that we live in. And no longer, the creature belongs to the universe, it starts belonging to the world that we live in, as the years go by no notice is given to the stars that we are sent from and no worries are carried about the greater meaning of existence.

A mercenary life is lived and soon a time comes when that same soul is called upon by the stars. I wonder how living life is when described in this way. Living not by the bounds of the world and the limitations of the conservative mind, but living by the air we breathe and the blissful sounds of the winds reminding us that we are alive. To live in a world where complications are none and a place that is pure happiness. I feel lonely though because no one wants to live this way, no one wants to be liberated. They are scared of being boundless because deep down they are terrified of finding out who they really are. They are scared to lose love because they want to be loved, and for this mere inconvenience, they live their lives being bound by this world.

This world makes me happy too on a certain level, it gives me hope and it pushes me to what everyone thinks is the forward direction. I feel hopeful too and I feel dread too. These emotions when mixed create a world full of possibilities. Because one is aware of the path that leads to death and they are also aware that an immortal existence can be lived if one lives fully. I wish to thank the ones that have lived this way because now I read about them and they make me feel less alone. They saw the world as I did and they lived through it leaving behind their soul and their mortality. They feel so close, through their creations and gives me hope that maybe I might one day be the person who does the same for someone else.

To live is to fully understand the purpose of your being. The reason you are sent or created. I am never the one to doubt the fact that the reason I am, is for something that needed to be done. To live a life without the fear of not having enough money or a life where the fear is that you might lose money, is a life just lived for the sake of living. These momentary things are given more importance than life itself is given. To kill and do die for it is what makes this world so unbearable. But I agree that it all can’t be so easy, it can’t all be so simple to comprehend, because then, this world would have been what we had hoped for and this life would be submerged in faith. Faith is a funny thing, it only accepts a fraction of the people living in the world and denies the others. Because maybe we were always meant to be this way maybe for the world to work we must hate more than we love and maybe some of us born with the sole purpose to destroy. Maybe we fight in vain and maybe we are supposed to love, but we just can’t.

What is right and what wrong is a mystery that we can ever understand and comprehend. What goes on is a mere inconvenience to the world we call ours.

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