They Made A Poet Out Of Me – A Series of Poems.

2. Silence

Silence is a blessing,
Thorough it haunts me
I begin to fear myself and things that it is sure to reveal.

At times I long for it
When I feel a bit out of place 
Praying that it doesn’t last 
Longer than a few days.

These days harden me,
And I am soon to become untilled soil,
That bears inside the seeds 
Of weeds and useless plants.

But what is there to fear,
If I live in my own body,
Only hoping that I don't become a slave
To the mind that I carry. 

They’re fighting inside me,
My dark side and my soul,
They make these lines on my forehead,
As if they’re counting scores. 

But i let my heart push them back,
For this little child has begun to cry again,
Who would tell her she is loved?

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