They Made A Poet Out Of Me – A Series of Poems.

1. Mother of Mine.

O Mother of mine,
Don't hide when it comes to me,
These faces will forever be seen,
Just like you see them in your dreams.

Let them know what it feels like
To be groped, touched, and pushed,
And then not scream.
Let them know what it feels like,
To be beaten and then left to bleed.

Names will come up 
A million of them would arise,
But mother dear,
Please rise for mine

I still feel their hands on me,
Like spiders webbing me,
Believe me, 
They’ve done this before.

Yet they roam,
On the streets, they call their own,
And mother dear,
They won't even hide.

For hide, they must,
Because I feel a monster would rise from within me.
Oh mother, stop it from going  there
Or come and fight beside me.

Mother Of Mine is a poem about the battle we fight with ourselves and the world. The poem calls out to the motherly feminine energy of this world, calling for strength to find a place in this “Man’s World”. Becoming a plea to the motherly love we all strive for, to hold us high when we can’t do it ourselves, to make us feel strong when strength is not something we feel, and to show us that there is so much we can fight for when we don’t see a purpose. The poem is a testament to all the abuse we go through when identifying ourselves and our place in this world.

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