“Scenery” Writing by Blanka Pillár & Collage by Ell Cee | Fracture

This piece portrays the beauty that can be found in fracture.

”Thistle Kaleidoscope” by Ell Cee


In this short fiction piece, I have tried to explore the little details of relationship dynamics and their consequences. 

Blanka Pillár

I forgive him for the little lies. The little fibs that slip away and the broken promises that go
unkept. He always tells the same lies, and sometimes I believe him because the story paints
itself like a vivid oil portrait; first, the figures are painted, then the background, then the
corners, edges, contours, and finally, it becomes as if it were a real scene on the canvas of life,
but only the immensity of human imagination has made believable what could never be real.
It tells me what I most desire, so I reach for it with all my heart, stretching out my soul’s arms to
preserve all its lips say and hold it within me for eternity. I love him with
all my heart, but when my reality is keen-eyed, it sometimes smells like the scratch of jagged-
edged infidelities in the dawning light or the wistful night. The cold realisation slips into bed
beside me or touches me as I walk.

Today we take it into our heads to walk around the riverbank. We get caught in the cool
January breeze, and he starts coughing. I take off my thin pink cotton scarf and wrap it
around his neck with careful movements. He gives me a weak half-smile and walks on. My chest
gets hot, even though my whole body is shivering from the winter’s minus temperatures.

Sometimes we stop. We look at the broken-legged seagulls on the slippery waterfront stones,
the sloppy sidewalk ahead, and the footprints of giddy pedestrians. He rubs his hand as we spy
on one of the old buildings covered in melted snow. His fingertips are almost purple, so I tug
off my black fabric gloves and slip them on his frosty palms. He thanks me quietly. His silent words creep into my consciousness like angelically soft notes, wrapping my trembling body in a
gentle embrace.

Barely perceptible, the milky-white sky opens, and it drizzles, but we are unperturbed. We sit on
a stinging bench and stare silently at the glistening toes
of our wet boots as they tread the snowy ground before us. Somewhere in the distance,
expensive hand-painted plates clink, light pages of newspapers crinkle in the
city breeze, the iron bells of a dilapidated church jingle, and a delicious golden-skinned duck in a
warm oven is being prepared. I feel him move beside me, and I put my head down. He
sways back and forth with folded arms while tiny particles of dripping snow fall on his
knitted flame-red angora sweater. I slip my thin arms out of my expensive loden-lined coat
and place them on his back. He looks me in the eye. My tongue curls and confesses at seeing his
delicately delineated perfect face. It humbly confesses the truth it has admitted so
many times before and hopes. It hopes that, for once, its love’s answer will not be a lie. But once
again, he replies, I love you too. I-love-you. He utters this gracious lie delicately. The first
syllable is trust, the second is passion, and the third is loyalty. He feels none of these, yet he
testifies to them. He savours the shape of the voice. First bitter, then sour, then finally
swallowed. After all, it’s only one word. But for me, it’s so much more: I put myself in his hands.

Maybe that’s not how it all happened. I’ve been sick for a while now; my lungs are weak from
the January freeze. Every time I close my eyes, I try to remember our last story. Embellish it,
add to it, rearrange it, change it. Maybe one day I’ll grind it to perfection, and that word won’t ring so false. Or the memory will turn yellow, like old letterhead, and no longer matter. Or
maybe ‘‘I love you’’ will become just another fluffy word to be whispered in the harsh winter,
bored, picked up by the wind, carried far away, across the world, to where it means nothing.
Far from the eager, greedy arms of my soul.

Ell uses watercolor markers, semi-gloss art paper, highlighting elements such as gold and silver paint, acrylic & oil paints, canvas, pencil, professional photography, mixed-media, hand lettering, pen & ink, and high resolution image conversion processes. They create signed, high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces whose vibrancy and glow work to inspire joy in you.
They draw inspiration from stories they read, fairy tales, folklore, mythology, descriptive song lyrics, and the outdoors. Their art embraces color and movement, showcasing the beautiful ways that they can interact.

Short Bio about Ell Cee

Blanka Pillár is a sixteen-year-old writer from Budapest, Hungary. She has a never-ending love for creating and an ever-lasting passion for learning. She has won several national competitions and has been a columnist for her high school’s prestigious newspaper, Eötvös Diák. Today, she is not throwing away her shot.

Short Bio about Blanka

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Fracture – May 2023

The small things in life that marks us in specific ways, the experiences that makes us who we are by breaking and restructuring inner ourselves.

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