This is What You NEED To Know in The New Year!

Lots of people like you are waiting for happy new year wishes from their friends and do the same for them in return. But this will shock you. The year has never been old, it has never been new. It is has been the same since, since. We still have 360 days, 52 weeks, 7 days, 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, day and night through afternoon passing by evening. Another thing for you to know is that all the blissful and mesmerizing wishes are null and void if you don’t work hard for yourself. Just think of the thousands of wishes you received or gave out to your family and friends. Did they work? Think about the thrilling wishes for 2020, where are they? Life is not about wishes, it is about preparedness, dressing up properly your garments, and taking action.

The only thing that can make a year new is our mindset, our attitudes and the projections we make that we work hard and faithfully to achieve with all our abilities and resilience.

If you don’t do that, the year will still be the same for you,no matter what your wishes are. Believe me! This is the bare truth you need to accept. No risk, no change. No action, no results. Simple.

Having expounded on this, what are your plans for 2021. Will you be the same, looking for that job in vain, Counting on that family member or friends to help you secure that job, Doing the same thing as in the corona year (2020).In brief, what are your expectations for 2021?

Your prediction of great achievement, is largely dependent on your preparedness.

So while you are getting ready to face 2021 with so many promises, wishes, and high expectations just like most people, what are your plans? Where exactly are you heading towards?

Will you embark on a 2021 journey without proper destination in mind?

Are you going to be an observer or participant in the coming year! Or will you continue your endless and countless prayers without taking action towards them?

I guess this is the best time, the appropriate time, the adequate time to start laying down the foundation blocks for 2021 (if you already have started it, clap for yourself).

Wait! Two more questions. Are you clear, succinct, detailed, and concise enough in your plans especially if you are a newbie entrepreneur? Wouldn’t it be interesting if you learn a new skill that will give you an upper hand over the others?

Clarity is key. Vision is crucial. The mission is critical. Intentionality is the motto. Foresightedness is important. Introspection is the way.

I challenge you today to look beyond yourself, your resources, your environment, look beyond the opinions of others. Decide to provide solutions instead of asking for them. Take action and become a new version of yourself.

But why am I saying all this?

Well, I am just afraid that you will repeat the same mistakes next year or remain stuck in the same corner jeopardizing your life and hijacking your future.

So stand up, wake up and make yourself proud and give value to the world around you.

Learn a new skill that will strategically position you, your business, your career and your brand to better opportunities.

Join groups that can guide, equip, and nurture you with a new skill set to face 2021 as you are waiting for that dream job. With that skill, you can get some money and take care of yourself even better make it a career in the future if the need arises. Create a system that you will use without hustle and headache which will work for you again and again.

Sometimes you don’t need a lot to start. You just need your phone with data. Period. Maybe a pen and notepad and get ready to learn, implement, and earn.

Again know that a beautiful tomorrow begins with a proper decision now. The earlier will be the best.

This is my contribution to your development and advancement as an individual.

Koffi Akpavi

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