Resolutions Never Work! Here’s Why.

Ditch the trap of Resolutions

Ditch the trap of resolutions

Finally, we made it to 2021! And guess what – did anything really magically change, disappear or improve overnight? Exactly! That is why I do not fall into the trap of resolutions, please don’t do it!

While the whole world has been affected by Covid-19, each country has had its own unique trials and tribulations throughout this challenging and often devastating time on earth. Living in South Africa, we were one of the first countries to implement a tiered structure to our lockdowns, and ban alcohol altogether, hence it seems some of our freedoms and rights remained in place while others were stripped under State of Disaster Laws. Humanity is not out of the woods yet; we still need to take every precaution when going about the daily business of our lives.

But all is not bad and irrecoverable! The greatest loss, destruction, and devastation hold within it the creative, constructive forces of the universe too. Within the seed lies the whole flower, the whole tree, the whole ecosystem. We just expect to have it all birthed immediately while life and the unknown mysteries of the Universe work to a different agenda. The Universe does not work on google calendars, schedules, and planners. Just because the calendar says 1 January 2021 doesn’t mean everything suddenly gets reset, refreshed, or returned to the normal we all secretly wished for.

So what should you do? Questions you need to ask yourself.

I think if we truly want to live better lives with better results we have to dig deeper. We cannot expect different results if we keep repeating the same behaviors and holding the same beliefs that we held as kids, teens, and young adults. We just land up playing out Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty Syndromes – wondering why we can’t make the breakthroughs we hoped for.

With this being said we know that our thoughts create our reality and if this is so, then we surely need to start with where we are and address our belief systems for any change to take root and flourish.

What if we simply start by asking what didn’t work for us in 2020?  Go further back, what hasn’t changed or worked for you for the last 5/3/2 years?  What issues are we still dealing with, what demons are still lurking in our hearts, what qualities would we like to cultivate in the next 12 months.

I will admit the illusory trap of New Year’s resolutions and goal setting holds no weight for me any longer. Resolutions only hold the promise of a better future just like a mirage of a deceptive oasis seduces one’s senses in a desert.  Often, they are empty and half-hearted and at best they are flaunted about for the sake of our social media profiles and personalities. Time to ditch them and dig a little deeper.  This isn’t to say we need not strive for improvement and advancement in our lives. The purpose of life is to evolve and grow.


The statistics show that only 8% stick to their resolutions for a full year and over 80% do not see them through to 1 February. This is no surprise to me; we can’t even stick to one channel or book without chopping and changing our minds a hundred times before we settle down and commit to what to watch/read.

Why keep setting yourself up for a setback, when instead you can use this information to your advantage and do the work on the level where it actually all counts and is created from.

Here are some of the juicy questions that will get definitely kick start the process of long-lasting change, rather than the short-lived disappointing resolution trend. Remember lasting change happens through intention, not willpower or determination. We have to get our minds, thoughts, and beliefs on board before any real transformation in the physical world can manifest.

Dig a little deeper

So here we go, start asking your friends, colleagues, and family members these questions too, you may be surprised at their answers or gain an insight that you may not have thought of. The questions may seem the same but sit with each question long enough for it to speak to your heart and then wait for your hearts’ answer.

*How will 2021 be different for you than any other year?

*How do you want to be different by the end of this year?

*In what ways do you want to deepen your experience of life this year?

*How do you want to improve your life this year?

I know they have been an absolute game-changer in my life and I don’t need to wait for a date on the calendar to start the process of transformation in my life, for every day is a chance to grow and blossom.

Thank You For Reading!

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