The Masks We Wear: A Critical View On Society

Do you accept yourself for who you are, or do live the way in which society will accept you?

We are often expected to fit into the boxes society made up for us. There often is a plan for how our life should look like and when we should achieve what.
School, College, getting a job, marry, buy a house, have kids, and then work till you eventually die. We are expected to follow the path laid out for us.
People tell you though to “always be yourself”, but you know, not too much that you fall out of the boxes.
So we put on these “masks” to fit into society, to play by these standards.
But does that really make you happy?

Is that the way you want to live?

The Masks We Wear: A Critical View On Society.

Fake faces.
Fake stares.
Fake people
Wearing a mask
and hiding their fears.
Dancing to songs
for which nobody cares.
Moving their bodies,
drinking heaps,
watching them burn themselves,
till they all bleed.
They believe all the news
and follow every trend.
Having thousands of friends
but none of them real,
because they all fear
to show how they feel.
Our society is the one
of avoiding emotions.
Not showing them,
not talking about them,
not feeling them.
But for emotions
is what makes us human.
What humans would we be
if we aim to be perfect
and avoiding
every kind of love?

I don’t.

I refuse to suppress my emotions,
my feelings.
I will show my vulnerability,
I will continue giving love and joy.
If it makes me different
I’m fine with that.
If that’s the goal people want to achieve,
I don’t want to be a part of it anyway.
Please don’t be too.
It’s more fun this way.
Wild & free.
So, would you dare
to dance with me ?

It is your life to live, so live it how you want to.

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