Taking life step by step

For the past weeks now I’m feeling like I’m barely moving forward but so much is changing at the same time. So much is moving in my life right now but still the steps to move forward take such a long time (or more than I sometimes would like that they take). And then last week our Wifi stopped working after a storm, leaving me with almost no internet. I then decided, okay maybe this is my chance now to really focus and think about what I want for my life. And you know what, it is okay to sometimes stop, stand still for some time and take the next steps slowly. To take time to really figure things out, even if it might not be as fast as you wish it to be, some things just need time. And that’s totally okay.

Sometimes these days
I feel like
I’m running
all the time
but I’m not moving

And that is okay
It is okay
to stand still
for some time,
and breathe
to go inwards
and see
what needs to be moved

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