“A Poem about cherishing or helping in every moment of love, difficulty and hardship.”

We are a family, we are one.
Not just because we share the same blood,
But because we share on the same platform 
Built from scratch by a lady

One thing about family is,
You may not always get along,
But you’re always going to be there for them.
Even if it takes a little while sometimes.

This word, although small, ties multitudes in its thread,
To Ama, family means papa, mama, and children.
To Okoh, family means one parent (mum or dad) struggling to cater for the needs of his lovely kids. 
To Eze, family means living with his grandparents.
To Amachie, family means his aunt and uncle who rescued him after the demise of his parents in an accident. 

To Zeinab, family means the neighbors who offer to help in difficult times,
To Mwenda, family means two parents struggling hard to put food on the table.
To Franck, family means two people who unconditionally adopted him, 
To Priska, family is his brothers and sisters who took care of her after the pass away of their parents. 
To Ekpe , family means friends who always support and give their time and love.
To Zipporah, family is all about her husband’s family who wholeheartedly accepts her as their daughter.

To Ema, her pets are considered family members.

As you can see, family means different things to different people, for me, for you, for us. 
Don’t forget, they have one thing in common. That’s love.

Love in each family,

Makes life worth living, in good and bad times.
Says you will never be alone, and
Has a place to call home.
Says we still love you even if we disagree.

Sometimes we may fuss and fight, but in the end,

Everything will be all right. 
Says we forgive each other no matter what,

Without any ifs, ands, or buts.
Stays true all the way down the line,
Says I couldn’t live without my cherished ones,
Tells me this is what family means.

As you may notice in this poem, a family consists of men and women who are there for you when, where, you need them, especially in challenging, difficult and hard times. The support may come in different ways.


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