Why ‘almost’ is the saddest word in the English language

There is a certain melancholy that comes with things like this. She almost saw her again, he almost got to make up for it, and also that: they almost spend their lives together. Of course, relationships break, and nothing is really forever, but I feel like there is a certain sadness to things that didn’t happen, just almost.



Rain was your name

and like rain

You washed away all my sorrows

and fears

and created a river

which flowed

steady and calm

from me to you

and from you to me

the river grew

and so did we

It became bold and beautiful

and so did we

it moved around obstacles

and so did we

it became love

and so we fell

It was running

steady and strong

There was only one curve

to turn into the sea

But one day

you rained down

so heavy on me

that the river

flooded over

The waves swallowed

part after part

from the land

built around us

And you left me in there

to drown

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