Set My Soul Free – A Poem

When you start to realise your power and what is restricting you and break out of that, you finally are free.

When you start to realize your power and break out of what is restricting; then you’re free.”

Set My Soul Free – The Uncoiled

You hit me,
I was not prepared
for you.
I was not prepared
for so much power,
to roll at me.
It was like
the moment I saw you,
talked to you,
lights in a room,
went on again,
after being dark
for too long.
I was able
to see again.
Being with you again
made me realize,
what I had left behind.
I left myself behind
It was like
wrapping up
after part
of myself,
put them into boxes,
and put them away
for everyone.
not to fall over them
and be bothered by them
But now,
I went into this room again
and now I can see,
all that I put away
just to make others happy.
And all that was left of me
was a shell,
wrapped in all the expectations,
which I should be.
So I unwrapped myself
of all the useless requests,
and heavy expectations.
I was able to breathe again
after years,
And I unwrapped the boxes
and put the parts back in,
part by part
to build myself up again

You hit me the hardest
but you set my soul free

We now all have a chance with this situation the world is in right now. We can look inside of us and see what is it really that we want, what are our dreams, what do we want our life to look like, and then also what do we want our life as a society want to look like, how do we want our collective to be?
All old, outdated, and what we don’t need anymore can go now.
To make space for the new.
To make space for our true selves.

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