The Red Haired Girl : A Poem

“The red haired girl” is about how we aimlessly keep on living life without knowing what it means to us and what we are to achieve. This is a question that even we can’t answer, but it is important to remember that every leaf you shed, and every page you turn is in the end going to be the accomplishment of something big.

I saw her again,
 The one with the red hair.
Who is she? 
Why is she there?

Walking in the lonely man’s forest,
Shining in the sun’s rays,
Looking at the sky above,
She stares. 

Vacant is her mind,
Unbroken is her heart,
But she still finds herself,
Taring apart.

She doesn’t know where she is off too,
On this never-ending road of life.
What might come past her? 
What she may find?

Her existence was that of a tree,
Having her every leaf fall down,
The ones she called her own,
She was off to find another one,
Just to make her own.

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