What Lies Within Us: Valuing All The Wonderful Sides

What Lies Within Us.

If no one has told you today, you are a wonderful human being.
You are enough. You always have, and always will be.
You are not your achievements and you are not what you did or didn’t do
that day.
You are so much more than that.
This Magic lies within all of us, because you are and that’s the
most magical it can get.

What Lies Within Us

Her hair
is like bronze shimmering silk
Her eyes
are so deep and blue
that you can’t help
but drown in them.
The freckles on her nose
are like color spots on a canvas
and the birthmarks on her body
form all different kinds
of stellar constellations.
Her laugh
is like the sun shining,
and flowers blooming,
and butterflies flying.
Her skin
has the color of the earth
that’s why flowers
have often mistaken her for soil
and grow on her.
The ocean is running through her veins
and the waves crash beneath her skin.
She is wild and free,
only dancing to the rhythm
of her own heart.
How can you think
that she is anything other
than magic?

Thank you for reading!

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