BREATHE – Take The Load Off Your Shoulders

A lot of people feel overwhelmed these times. Like the whole weight of everything going on is laying heavy on their shoulders.
So for a moment, just a moment, drop everything you are carrying with you and just breathe.
You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to think about anything, just be.
Take a look around you. Take in what you see. Feel what you feel. It’s okay.
Take one step at a time, and if everything you can do today is just, then that’s fine.

Slow down for a moment
And remember
what’s important today
The sun is shining
let it touch your face
The birds are singing
a new song
and the flowers are blooming
You have a roof over your head
There are people who love you,
who appreciate your presence,
even if it may not be possible for them to be
physically present right now,
they are there for you, always
There is music,
and people learn to join together again and really connect
There are books to read,
movies to read,
art to make
and to take in
You have a body which cares for you
and tries to keep you
as healthy as possible
There are animals
to accompany you
and so much food to be made
and enjoyed
The earth is still spinning,
the stars are still shining,
and the sun is still painting pictures
in the sky
when going down and rising.


And when all you noticed today
is that you are alive and breathing
then that’s the most beautiful gift
there is

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