To all of the Queens…

To all the wonderful women I know, you are strong and you are powerful, loving and fierce at the same time. Thank you that I am able to know you and stand side by side with you when you are spreading your magic all around and working to accomplishing your dreams. I am grateful to know you and I am inspired by you every day.
Let us and all you amazing women out there join together to bring change and support each other, have our backs, make our dreams happen. On this day and every day.

She is a wild woman

Sister of Queen Moon
And daughter of Mother Earth
running free
leader of the wolves
Like a breath of fresh air
A sunset
A flower meadow
A lioness
A ray of light
A rainbow
A painting
A dance
The sea
A kiss

With a heart full of love
and a soul full of freedom

Happy Women’s Day !

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