A letter to Humanity: Letters To The Unseen.

Dear Unseen Human Being

I saw you walking again today, while I was driving in my car. Not a terribly fancy car – it gets me from A to B. I don’t think I take it for granted. But then again, I have always had a car. And I wonder if you used to have one too? Did you also moan about the traffic and the idiots on the road? Or has it always been this way for you?

Were you birthed into a different world, where the nooks and crannies of abandoned buildings were your home? While I was taken to ballet and swimming lessons and had a guaranteed meal and loving arms of protection around me every day.

Where are you walking to? With your dusty crushed sandals, tattered shirt and sharp eyes. Yes, I glimpsed into them for a moment. It was so swift and startling the utter sadness and emptiness I saw. Or were those my feelings? 

Feelings of embarrassment at a life that is no better than your own.

Are you actually headed somewhere secret and more purposeful than I can imagine?

I will see you again, I am sure. And I will learn to look at you with no awkwardness or pity.

Until then I always bless and prayer for the Unseen, they surely need it, and know a secret I have yet to learn.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadine Rosin.

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