Part eight of the series “Letters from the heart”.  

” These spaces and places,

where dreams are held by light,

others believe with you (and for you).

I’ll never unsee the miracle in this.”

The Apricot Memoirs

When you gaze at the stars, in the old classroom while the teacher is telling a story, your mind starts to wonder, where my destiny will meet me? from 1999 the creation started whispering to your heart.

Whisper to me, when we will ever meet again? If I would write a book, will I finish it from the first chapter. the Calmness of the mind when you start conversing with your eyes to me. I can feel your presence, nevertheless we are apart, experiencing life from different worlds.

When you speak, remember the daydream you told me about once when you were a teen.

That memory is still resounding and resonating in my mind while you are wearing your Cartier tank watch, and while you are shaving with your old razor. While you are watching your shows, these glimpses of happiness show on the wrinkles on sides of your eyes, that reminds me of your old days.

The journey and the path is still unfolding day by day.

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