26 Oct, the night we collided

Part Twelve of the series “Letters from the heart”.

” While dreaming of you, seems to be fluorescent, having you is still a sweet dream, to me..”

We were soulmates, we are still the same, the fact that you still think back to those memories makes me wonder how would you feel to be actually back in that twilight meadow. I wish you well, I am aware of the differences that the two of us are holding, two universes colliding while wondering what if the world was one. I wish you health, the more the distance changes, and the more you are chasing the dream, the more we become closer. This generation gap seems to be a window to our souls, will you read me a book before the night sleeps, will you tell me a folklore story about the burning stars lighting our skies?

It’s like the story that Diane lane tells Richard Gere about captain Teach, that burning light in the sky symbolizes his triumph. That relationship surpasses time, that connection last centuries and hold so much beautiful meaning, when you think ”where have you been all my life” that moment of realization comes into fruition , the fortune teller looked at our hands and saw destiny, surrounded with many obstacles. the morning haze in the meadow eventually will clear to become a map for our consciousness which will guide us always back to each other.

The constellation that I have named after you.

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