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Inspired by her life and emotions, Matilde Milano creates what she calls “Visions”, usually figurative scenes characterized by a key component: the silence – places and people appear surrounded by a quiet atmosphere.
The main focus of her art is to convey and share her feelings, using a metaphorical and often poetic language. This originates from the need to tell her experiences, even though in guarded and allusive ways, giving birth to cryptic images.
Most of her work is heavily influenced by symbolism and by the natural world, both always present in her creations.

Untitled by Matilde Milano


“Flicker” is about a relationship where I was giving more than they were, especially at the expense of myself. It’s about choosing myself even when it hurts.

Anna Samson

The light flickers once
I can’t do this.
It flickers twice
I’m gonna be sick.
It flickers three times
I don’t love you anymore.
The lights fade to black.
I can feel you watching me in the dark,
trying to understand where it all went wrong.
I’m grateful you can’t see me right now
or you’d see how much this is hurting me too.
We were supposed to be forever
but I can’t keep tending our candle,
while my flame blows out.

Matilde Milano is an artist based in Turin, Italy.
She graduated at the “Renato Cottini” art high school and thereafter she studied for her painting bachelor at the Accademia Albertina of Turin, where she discussed her final dissertation on March 2023. She also attended the “Faculdade de Belas Artes” of Lisbon (Portugal) for one year (2021/2022), as part of the Erasmus+ project. She took part in a few collective exhibitions in Italy, like “I colori delle emozioni” (at La Certosa, Collegno, Turin), “Works 1” (Cooperativa di Consumo e Mutua Assistenza Borgo Po e Decoratori, Turin), “L’arte e l’iconografia infantile” (Biblioteca
“Passerin d’Entrèves”, Turin) and “HERE” (Cavallerizza Reale, Turin), in Portugal, where she showed her work during “Galerias Abertas das Belas-Artes” (Faculdade de Belas Artes, Lisbon) and “POP UP Belas Artes” (Nada Gallery, Lisbon) and in United Kingdom, with the latest “Canyon” (RuptureXIBIT + Studio, Hampton Wick, London).

About Matilde Milano

Anna Samson (they/she) is a desi, queer, disabled writer, poet, and disability and mental health advocate. Their work has been published in Incite Magazine, Wishbone Words Magazine, McMaster Unspoken, and Project Wellness Magazine. They live near Toronto, Canada and spend most of their time reading, writing or hanging out with their pets.

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