“In Another Life” Poem by N.T. Anh & Photography by Michael Romano I Rebirth

Hackberry Leaf Litter and Tangled Branches – Michael Romano

When a tree loses its leaves, they are not lost forever. In fact, those leaves decay so that they can feed the tree again, being reintegrated into its being as it grows the next season. These photos are multiple exposures of trees and the leaves they lost, or really, the leaves they have yet to reclaim. Even as they rot beneath the roots, they are still a part of the tree, and they will be reborn into it as verdant energy again.

– Michael Romano

In Another Life

in another life,  
I would want to be  
a tree,  
as free as I could hope for, 
and take root in the deep unknown.  

in this life, 
I also want to be  
a tree; 
born and reborn from ashes,  
from darkness, 
yet sprouting strongly 
more than I could ever expect and grow high  
above all odd.

“in another life” is inspired by a resilient soul, much like a tree, and its ability to endure hardships, to resuscitate, to continue growing, sprouting, thriving, and rising above all.

– Poet’s Note

Hackberry Up and Down – Michael Romano

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