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“The Seasons Woven with Static” is an iridescent collage celebrating the passage of time and the different seasons we go through.

By Ell Cee

Guiding Maps

The second poem talks about stretch marks that exists to make you feel insecure however this poem celebrates your marks in the way that it deserves and in the way we haven’t been taught about in school or within our community to accept our bodies in the way it is and embracing all your body scares and acknowledge it’s presence with acceptance and happiness, I see it as a beauty of womanhood that it is a blessing and hopefully the reader can see it as the same.

Amira Hassan
Marks on your skin,
darker than the midnight,
came from the unknown
and arrive to an unknown destination,
while you are sitting waiting on the sidelines of the train of life.
Around your waist they stay,
hugging you like its your last breath,
hidden from your world, forgotten at times, visible at once.

Creating a guide to vulnerability, born in high school, 
that one single ambiguous map
that your teachers forgot to teach you:
how to deal with marks and scars in your everyday life.

Do you hide it or do you show it?
Would you listen to your sister telling you 
to put cream on it,
that makes it disappear,
or would you listen to your soul telling you:
It looks beautiful, just the way you are.

Looking at your reflection in the mirror, ever so proudly, 
discovering new maps,
ways to comfort your soul,
listening to that voice in your head saying:
It looks womanly,
The onlooker is mesmerized , as much as the one looked upon,
while you affirm deeply that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Haunted by the memory of that revealing moment, 
Longing for that touch of an angel,
looking at you with bewilderment,
like that kiss you received from a first lover.
The moment when your eyes meet and hands shake, 
like admiring the beauty of the sunset
on a bench in front of the creek,
contemplating your dreams while
looking at the bridge covered by color.

The beauty of youth is the guide for your soul.

The epiphany is this;
you’ll never love another body as much as your own.
You live once,
die once and
resurrect in alternative form.

Therefore between life and death, 
you have this one form of living. So live it wisely.
Live it fully.
Remind yourself that you are young,
and these gorgeous moments come once in a lifetime.

Mediating on this poem
while nourishing my scars
with Shelby naturals body oil
while pronouncing my prayers for midnight, 
it comes with its darkest thoughts.

I withstand the times,
the young and the old with this philosophy that 
beauty comes with spiritual nourishment
and a different perspective of life.
This can be a saving thought while my mind wanders to the sky
looking at that golden light
that comes once the sun kisses the earth
ever so gently.

Amira Hassan is a poet and artist that believes in discovering the soul, exploring human desires, and reaching more for self-expression of freedom as a way of life. her collection of poems ” Letters from the Heart” are published on the uncoiled magazine website, you can read them here.

Short bio of Amira Hassan

Ell uses watercolor markers, semi-gloss art paper, highlighting elements such as gold and silver paint, acrylic & oil paints, canvas, pencil, professional photography, mixed-media, hand lettering, pen & ink, and high resolution image conversion processes. They create signed, high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces whose vibrancy and glow work to inspire joy in you.
They draw inspiration from stories they read, fairy tales, folklore, mythology, descriptive song lyrics, and the outdoors. Their art embraces color and movement, showcasing the beautiful ways that they can interact.

Short Bio of Ell Cee

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Fracture – May 2023

The small things in life that marks us in specific ways, the experiences that makes us who we are by breaking and restructuring inner ourselves.

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